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Money And How To Sign Your Pay Checks
Plus Attachment at Bottom of Page. Also See The UPDATE to this message below the check endorsement download file.

Below you will find the beginning pages to the book "Once Upon A Time there Was No Money"
This book may amuse you or it may ireate you based on the facts that it presents about our society today. 
In addition you may find the attached PDF file to be a supporting document to the book and to the actual happenings that have been in place for decades or longer in America. The book below can be found on our website in both paperback and electronic download versions.
Author Joseph



Joseph Clark

Once Upon a Time There Was No Money

Copyrightę 2004 by Joseph Clark

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by
any means, graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,
recording, typing, or by any information storage retrieval system,
without the permission of the publisher.

For information:

New Energy Books

P.O. Box 6471

Broomfield, Co 80021

First Printing 3/2005

Revised Edition 6/2005

ISBN 0-9770535-0-4

Printed in the United States of America






A Shaumbra Book


I must give credit to all who have helped me or at times have forced me along my life path to the understandings that brought me to the writing of this book. There have been many different situations and experiences both up and down that belong to the understanding in this book. I must be honest and say since I live in the money era I have written this book partly for the money; however, what is most important here is that I have also written this book for the future evolution of humanity. In publishing this information, I have done a small part in service to the whole of humanity_s evolution. So credit goes out from here into the future men and women that use this information to better their lives and the lives of others. In addition credit must also go to the invisible helpers that made the word flow onto the pages as I was allowed to connect to a higher source of wisdom.





The information in this book is based on probable future potentials. The history discussed here is fact and is in no way a complete recall of any or all the facts from the current past time period of history. These facts are an overview of some of the strong points of the time pertaining to money. The future discussed in this book is a potential scenario of what may be. Since the future is not written until we live it, it can only be predicted based on our current mindsets and the strongest potential before us now in order to predict a probable potential path. It is difficult to be accurate because there are many sets of multiple potentials that spring out in many different directions. The most likely future potentials based on our current perceptions of reality are written about in this book.

This book was written to offer an alternative to the way life has evolved in our present MONEY reality. MONEY encompasses everything in our lives. Because of this money and the control placed upon us by ourselves where we allow others and this money to be the deciding factor in everything we do. Today it has become so bad that it is impossible to know whom one can trust. Remember early history, the American Indians did not use money. They lived very peacefully until they started to trade with other tribes using an equal value for equal value system, and particularly when trading with the white man. After that, their lifestyle was ripped apart. Since money is the root of all evil as we all know, it only makes sense to get rid of it for a better way of life where everyone will be living for his or her personal growth rather than always striving just to maintain a sense of balance in ones life. This book shows a progression from the mundane life of the 20th century to the not-so-mundane future life of a people sometime in the 23rd century. The perspective presented is a view from the present looking forward to the 23rd century, which is in turn looking back on the 20th century as their history lessons. If you are reading this book, you most likely are looking for some kind of change in your personal life and reality.

Energy is nothing more than a dormant potential. This energy is only realized by the choices made in ones word. The potential of money is an energy that_s potential has been distorted by mixed and dark energies and choices choice_s of many dark souls and has gone awry. It now lacks its most positive and beneficial outcome of all the possibilities in the world of man.

This book is not about attracting money, but there is a tool in this book that may help do just that. Instead, this book is about the true abundance of existence and the universal truths, which can only come when MONEY is abolished from circulation. Money is not really true abundance--it is only money or a tangible substance and energy people have placed a value on. This energy is highly restricted by the values we have place upon it, due to greed, control from others in control of this money and the hoarding nature of these corrupt individuals values. The real true abundance comes automatically when having to trade one thing for another stops. True abundance is a state of being where all things on earth are free of exchange of money or trade of goods that people have placed a value on. Does the sun require anything from the planets it warms? No. It just is. And it simply shines its light and warmth to all in its path. It_s only the minds of people that require an exchange of some kind. There is a reason for this hoarding and taking and placing value on things that stems from a time of separation of our souls from _The All That Is_ during a time very long ago that has to do with how we came into being in this universe. I will not tell that story so there is no confusion about the purpose of this book. Because money is so desired, required, and demanded by all it creates, hatred to grow toward others when the money that is expected is withheld.


The creation of money is a restriction on people who otherwise would have no such restrictions. It causes greed and oppression on all people, but mostly it affects the weaker people when the strong afflict their misuse of money upon the weak. When limitation, control, oppression, and scarcity occur as a result of a lack of money, the free soul after a period of time no longer tolerates it and rebels to some degree_, depending on how much pressure is brought to bear at any given time. This rebelling has caused some chaos, which has led the strong or the controllers to create rules (laws as they later became to be known) and force them onto the weaker people. At the very beginning of this rule-generating time, it seemed to be a good thing to have rules and control. Because the people of that very early time were totally uneducated and somewhat barbaric, the rules brought some ease to the weaker people that were being taken advantage of by the strong.

In time this all changed_the rules created a hierarchy and the strong and rich fed off the weak despite the rules. They even moved into a place where they could use the rules in their favor to further oppress the week. This oppressing the weak occurred over a long period of time, so the weak didn_t notice it so easily. Over time the strong made the laws seem not so bad to the weak, as they moved in small but steady steps to slowly take total control of everything. Much like one learns in science class about boiling a frog slowly, most likely it progressed so slowly that no one could see where it was going to end up. The strong were the best fighters in the groups and the weak knew they would lose if they rose up against the strong. This continued for more centuries than can be counted until the time of writing this book, it most likely will continue for some time yet to come. It is unknown for sure how much longer this will continue. There will be at least two more generations to come before we see an end to this era of money, and the control we allow upon us by its use.

This prediction is based on the new generations of people being born now that will be even greater victims of the current system. This new generation is different intellectually and will not abide by the same restrictions as past generations have. This is evidence of our evolution in action here. In times past, the strong enlisted the not-so-weak and trained them to carry out instructions to help control others for them. Much later in time they were called police.

The early system of trade and barter was good before the advent of money. Money came in during the later stages of trade and barter as a means of convenience when a person did not have any goods of value to trade for the goods one needed. Early man hoarded food for the cold winters that they knew would come each season. From lack of goods came the start of the idea of swapping something one had plenty of with another that had plenty of what was desired or needed. This grew into trading, which grew into a lack of things to trade, which grew into the invention of money: a convenient, equitable commodity all could us as a tool of trade when goods were not readily available for trading. The appearance of money created the elevated levels of merchant traders, which led to arguing over possessions and so on. The creation of money led to the feeling of unfair trading between parties, which led to the creation of a policing type control over the trading. The attitude of trade was that one possessed what one created, killed, or grew on the land. Trading was done by a means of fair value for fair value. When money was created, it complicated this value of trade.

Although the intentions behind creating money were innocent enough, in the end the strong took advantage of the weak and are still doing so today in greater measure than ever before--like a disease. This is a simplistic overview of the creation of money, but events generally transpired along these lines over time. In time the strong became more educated. When they realized they could control all other people in all types of trading by the use of money, they had a way to take total control over everything and everyone --all they had to do was get control of the money. By controlling the money itself they could control all other things. At that point in time during the early days, money appeared in the form of gold and silver. Things all changed drastically in the late 1800_s and early 1900_s when the smart and powerful few finally figured out a way to take over the entire world through the use of money. They knew they couldn_t control the hard currency very well since it had been in circulation for so long and their plan would not work with only a limited supply of gold and silver. It is currently impossible to make gold from nothing, so to make their plan work they had to remove it from circulation and replace it with soft currency (paper money), which could be made in unlimited quantities for next to nothing. I will explain this more in later chapters, but for now you get the idea of the very ancient history of man and trade up to the time of this book. One cannot trust anyone else as long as people are using any means of value for value trade; this is especially true where money is used in the trading.

In present time we have an evolved sense of MONEY as being a very controlling factor in our mental, emotional and physical world, with total control by the banking and government systems of the day. The control led to laws and more laws and more laws--so many laws that they need enormous rooms to keep these law books in. These laws have been rebelled against for, as long as there have been laws and control. This is a vicious cycle of law and rebellion. In the time of writing this book, there is the saying that you cannot fight the system. Of course that saying was created by the system to instill fear in those that may try to fight or rebel against it. They went to such lengths to instill fear in the masses that they would imprison some people for years and then highly publicize that they did so, in an effort to instill fear that they knew would keep others from trying to fight or upset their system. Fear is their way of doing business and controlling others.

This vicious cycle is one where no one really wins, not even the system. For now you get the idea of what things must have been like in this system of existence to the students of our class as we will be looking back from the perspective of the 23rd century. From this book you will start to get the idea of what money can do to a free soul. We will get deeper into the facts later on in other chapters. I will give a comparison later of the differences of a money society and a non-money society. A free human soul will not be controlled or oppressed for very long. Life always finds a way to free itself from most anything.

A small government will still exist, but it will be in no way like the one of the money era. It will be more of a teaching government that helps people share knowledge and technologies all over the world. Each national government will be a contact point for other countries and will be a source of information for all throughout the World Net system of what is now called the Internet. There will no longer be any red tape like that which exists in the current money era. There will no longer be any kind of government control over the individual person at any level.

What we as people believe has a direct and profound bearing on our lives and the way everything progresses in a society. We create what we believe. Many beliefs are passed down from earlier generations so they tend to live on for the next generation even though they are outdated. The good news is that each generation will alter the old teachings to some degree or may discard them altogether. The power of belief is more powerful than a raging locomotive. What a person believes on the deepest levels makes all the difference in every area of existence. There will be more information about the power of belief in later chapters near the end of this book.

As you read this book you will find repetitiveness at times from chapter to chapter and within the same chapter from the narrative to student comments. It is my intention to be repetitive due to the importance of learning and holding this information in your mind like a TV commercial or a song. My wish is to deeply imbed this information into your subconscious mind because it is time for change.


And So the Story Begins

Not so very long ago, an age of people lived in a society where they used money as a means of trading with each other and they thought it was good. In this era there were many, many horrible things that occurred because of the use of money, but they didn_t know that this money was the actual cause of so many atrocities in their lives. They had a government that employed the brightest minds in the world in science, engineering, medicine, sociology, and many other areas, and they knew that money was what they called the _root of all evil_ in the world. Yet, the greed and desire to control the world was so great in the people that ran the government, they could not see that they needed to get rid of money in order to create peace. This would be the answer to all of the major problems in the world.

Money is an energy source. This energy can be highly beneficial to all or it can be devastating to all--it all depends on how it is used. In their day it was used to control and enslave the population of earth.

In this system they would be able to control people by changing prices on merchandise and services in any way they wanted to, because cost along with the amount of money a person had, determined the quality of life a person could achieve or be confined to. Let me take you on a journey into the future and then we will turn around and look back at the past and we will investigate this system and uncover the way people lived for possibly hundreds of centuries. In this journey we will witness a class of young people discovering there past heritage. So without further ado, let_s delve into the future classroom of Ms. Alison and her High School students located in Aston Pennsylvania. What better place to visit than Pennsylvania, as this is the birthplace and seat of our U.S. history?

    When we get rid of money we will all become equal and we will all become extremely wealthy because the use of money is a controlling factor that keeps us in servitude to another_s will. When we are in servitude, we are not free, with a limited amount of money we are not considered equal, and we are limited in wealth by the amount of money others allow us to have (control). After the removal of money, we become wealthy because the earth is extremely abundant and all of her abundance is there for our taking without cost or any requirements imposed upon us by the earth. There is nothing on this earth that is not free to us as the custodians of the planet.

From the moment each child is born into the current world system(s) of thinking we currently have, a conditioning of the mind immediately comes into play from all the prior people and their mind set that came before the child. This preset consciousness causes a perpetuation of the same ways of life upon each new generation. Seeing things from a fresh new perspective that is without the old ways of thinking frees us to be able to engage a completely new way of looking at our present day self and the circumstances that are so controlling over each of us. This is of course by our own creation and permission by mental conditioning that seems to be unchangeable in the system of the present day because it is so ingrained in us from birth that makes us all think we need money to live. We also think we will die if we do not have this money. Those minds that are in this type of thinking were taught by their parents and elders, which were also from a state of need for the necessities of life that are or may have been withheld and or controlled by a total lack of or by a shortened supply of money. This scenario is directly related to control and fear perpetrated by the workings of the governmental systems in place at any given time through history and of course in the present day. This is where the lazier greedier power hungry people gravitate to so they can live easily off the rest of the population without ever lifting a finger to help anyone other than themselves.

Class Begins

Ms. Alison:

Hello, class, I am Ms. Alison. Welcome to the first day of the new school year.____. Please read the book for the rest of the story. Found at: http://www.newenergybooks.com/id10.php#orders

Downloadable Attachment File..PDF

Micro Printing Checks Signature Line

Check Signing Clarification

And Micro Printing

After sending out an email on1/26/2007 for how to endorse a check we have had several questions wanting further clarification on how to sign your name on your paychecks. You can re-read that email and the attachment to it HERE http://www.discharge-debt.com/id215.htm

This information goes for any check you are depositing (Not Just Your Paycheck)

Here is the answer for those questions.


Its best to first make a stamp that reads (DEPOSIT FOR CREDIT ON ACCOUNT OR EXCHANGE FOR NON-NEGOTIABLE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES OF FACE VALUE). You may need to have is run two lines so the print is not too small to read.  

This second part is recommended but not necessary, you can sign your name as you usually do and then put the word (AGENT) after your name. The use of the word agent means that you are the agent and full owner of the STRAWMAN name which is always spelled in UPPER CASE letters. By doing this you are also saying that you are the living man/woman and the owner of the trust account that was created by the IRS and or any other gov agency. Another good idea is to print your own check using blank check papers from an office supply store and a program like quicken or another that will allow you to print blank pocket checks to be filled out as you need them. The reason for this is because the checks that you get from a check printer use MICRO PRINTING on the signature line. I know it is a trick and considered to be a contract to sign a check with MICRO PRINTING in the signature line. This micro line will not have the contract if you print your own checks on your laser or ink jet printers. Adding the word agent is a little more security in your favor and tells those that understand the laws better than most that you know more than the average JOHN DOE and maybe they will not attempt to fool you so quickly. Look at your current checks with a magnifier glass and you will see that it is not a solid line like all the other lines. To read the words will take a microscope.


Micro printing as they want you to know it can be found on this encyclopedia. (Propaganda) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microprinting However know that what they are saying is not the real reason for the printing and the real print does not say what is shown on the page linked above as the word GENUINE. Instead it says AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE. You will notice that the Settlor is John, who is a real man. But the person whose name is on the Deed of Trust is JOHN (John's name in all upper case letters) who is a straw man or a legal fiction. John's legal fiction, JOHN, was created when his birth certificate was issued by the state in which we was born. Evidence of straw man can be seen everywhere. Look on your driver's license, your checks, anything you get from any government agency. None of these entities can deal with John, the man. They all have to deal with JOHN, the straw man. Look on your personal checks at the signature. Most will have "MP" at the end of the signature line. If you were to look at the signature line under high magnification, you would see that it's not a solid line but rather it is micro-print which says "AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE" over and over again. John is JOHN's authorized agent. JOHN can't sign any papers since he has no hands. So John signs for JOHN. 

 There is so much the average JOHN does not even know that is taking place in secret behind his/her back(s)