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The Benefits Of Being A Sovereign


There is much to be gained from becoming what you were born to be “A Sovereign”

Lets see what the advantages are.


  1. The first thing a Sovereign becomes is immune to law, I.E. statutory, civil and vehicle codes. You no longer are subject to those laws they just do not apply to you. They are all 14th amendment laws and since you are no longer a citizen of that system then that system no longer applies to you.
  2. You gain the ability to discharge anything in the legal arena of commerce using the laws of that system against the perpetrators that are now using those laws against you.
  3. From the DVD course (after purchase) you will learn hundreds of tricks of the legal system that can free you from most anything. Included in this is


    1. Becoming the Sovereign Citizen you were born to be, which is the master over the legal system rather than the servant you are now as a statutory citizen. (Note the Capitalization of the letter C)
    2. Discharging of debts by bonds.
    3. Never having to pay a traffic ticket again if you so choose.
    4. You cannot be sued in any court in this country.
    5. Legally eliminate paying income taxes both federal and state.
    6. Get all the money you have ever paid into the system returned back to you with interest from the IRS.
    7. Stop paying any more into the IRS, you can stop the stealing at the source with your employer.
    8. You will learn what the correct form(s) are for an American Citizen to use when filing your tax returns plus how to stop paying altogether.
    9. You gain the ability to reverse the system back onto the courts or any other government agency and beat the pants off them in a way they cannot escape under common law, by use of commercials liens or involuntary bankruptcy, both are non judicial and extremely effective. This puts the lawyers and judges on the run from you.
    10. You already have the ability to contract in an unlimited manner under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) but with the knowledge gained from this DVD you will be able to utilize all the codes to your advantage.
    11. No lengthy legal battles in court over an alleged credit debt.
    12. Paying off your debts with this program cannot be refused, the uniform commercial code state a debt tendered and refused is a debt discharge to the amount of tender UCC at 3-603(b). The banks cannot require one form of payment over another, again UCC law.
    13. Totally avoid bankruptcy altogether by paying off debts with a BOND.



You have heard it said that you cannot sue the government, which is because the government or the state is Sovereign. When you become a Sovereign again you also cannot be sued.

As you may have read elsewhere on this or other sites BONDS are legal tender under UCC laws for paying off debts.


NOTE: If you are looking for an arbitration award from your credit cards which is usually a lengthy legal battle this is not the program for that. This is just a cancellation of your debt directly with the bank. If a bank tries to sue you later they cannot because a Sovereign cannot be sued in any court in the land, they just do not have jurisdiction. It is the doctrine of common law that the Sovereign cannot be sued in his own court without his consent. The Siren, 74 US 152 (1869 . A Sovereign operates strictly in common law and no statutory, civil court has any jurisdiction over the Sovereign. Why? Because a sovereign exists in a totally different country that the statutory citizen, the Sovereign exists in the original unincorporated these united states, a collection of several states. You can and will still operate in commerce much as you do now but with immunities.

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