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Who We Are & Who We Are Not

Date: October 23rd 2006

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Who We Are


Who We Are Not


In our world, we have seen many things that are not what they seem. This holds true in the facts that are presented to us in the legal system from the everyday meanings of words being twisted in the courts to the façade of reality where we think that only what we can see, touch and here is the truth of reality and existence. So many things are not what they seem to be in the world of man. This understanding is intended for all who inhabit a physical form on earth, it matters not weather you are a devout religious man/woman, a spiritual devotee of any cult or guru group or an atheist and just don’t think that there is anything other than what you can see and touch or what can be proved in science.


Science has now proved that there is an energy source that binds the entire universe together and that energy is in the form of light between the spaces of molecules. That energy is also a force so powerful that nothing can stop or diminish it. This is the body or fabric of space and time. This is also the God force energy that some cultures call prana. Whatever you call it, it is the life force energy of the all that is. This energy is found in everything including every cell of your body. You are a spark of God.


What is man for example? For the most part man thinks he is this human body with a consciousness and free will to live a happy, peaceful and prosperous life without heavy burdens and threats from other sources or from his brothers and sisters. That seems to be what we are from a superficial view of our reality. Man is not really that at all. In the true reality man is a spark of God manifested first in an angelic form, then fragmented down to an over-soul form, and then re-fragmented down again to a very small portion taken from the over-soul and placed into the human body. That spark is present in the human body but cannot be seen, it resides in a small sack just behind the human hart. This small portion of Gods Christed white light energy is you consciousness. It is also the part that communicates with your higher over-soul self that resides in a more pure state of awareness that oversees your time on earth. Man is a spiritual soul fragment in human form that is having a human evolutionary experience in the realm of the physical. Man does not remember who he is while in the physical form because he first agreed to come to earth to experience the physical reality and second the agreement meant that you would have a veil of forgetfulness placed over your consciousness for your time on this level of existence.


If we think about this scenario we may think why would God do something like this how can we be a spark of God? The answer is that God in all his wisdom and glory of being everything and all-powerful still could not see itself or its glory of existence. God wanted to see itself but could not because there was nothing outside of itself to reflect its image and awesome existence, so God crated all that is in all universes and fragmented parts of itself into this creation. Then it created the grand scheme of things so God could put itself into these tiny forms, experience limitation, and the grandeur of itself from a perspective of an unawareness of all that it is. In doing this there have been eons of time, as we know it, passing in a grand experiment of every conceivable experience that God is and that God could experience. This includes all the negative and the positive things that exist from war to love. This is also know as duality or the light and the dark. This duality can be seen in every aspect of human life. There is the good and the bad to everything we have. Some examples of the opposite sides are, war & peace, day & night, hot & cold, good & bad, right & wrong, up & down, wet & dry etc. this applies to everything we know. In this duality, there must be a balance as long as there are the opposite sides.


With all this understood it is time to explain the workings of humanity and free will. First, we have the fact that free will is equal among all men, so we can choose to alter the grand plan in any way we so choose. We can speed it up or slow it down. We can go with the flow of the plan or we can throw a wrench into it and try to destroy it. In the end we will all be pawns in the game as the outcome can only be delayed, not stopped or altered to fit the human mind of mans ideas of evolution.


When man gathers together, the force of his free will grows exponentially. This explains the saying “Strength in Numbers” and it also explains the fact that most of the world is under the belief that the governing systems are good and would not do anything to harm the people. In the middle road we find all those that suspect or know that the governing bodies are corrupt but are to afraid to do anything about it, for fear of retaliation for a hostile enemy, so they sit and wait for someone else to do it for them. In reality the governing bodies have been overrun by the dark side of duality and there has been a great deal of time on there part to perfect and gather others into their free will way of thinking. On the other side of this same duality, we have the emerging light that will balance out the dualistic scale of energy, as we know it. Since the game is almost over at this point in our time continuum the dark side of the current duality will be completely over run by the light just the same way as flicking on a light switch in a dark room vanquishes the dark from the room. The dark cannot stand the light and will disappear in a flash when the light is present. This is a fact of our physical universe and the energies of the God source work the same way. Remember God did set this up this way.


When the light stands together the free will of the many will and is now exposing the dark side of things to those that have been duped into thinking the governing bodies were all powerful and correct in the way they ran things on earth. The truth of light shall set you free. Today man is still living in a dark and unruly world of corruption from the still very large collection of free will that we know as mass consciousness. This mass consciousness is under the mistaken belief that the controllers are more powerful and will crush their light if they were to stand on their own two feet and say no to the dark forces of control. This is the end times for the dark because God does not live in a dualistic energy as man does. God has decreed that the game of duality is over. Remember above we learned that God fragmented down into what we are to specifically experience duality because it could not see itself. Duality is coming to an end at this very moment you are reading this letter. It is only a matter of one or two years for the dark side of duality to remain in control. This can be altered and prolonged by the masses if they continue to hold on to the old beliefs, but if the masses let go of that old way the ways of duality will cease almost overnight and we will return to a state of life that is far more like the garden of Eden. The dark side of this duality really believes that if they hold on and fight they can win and take total control of man and the earth. They will do this through misinformation, force, lies and deceit. There is a great deal of light being shed on this planet at this time in many forms. One such form is the everyday Citizens and diligent researchers that have been for many years exposing the fraud of the legal and governing systems lies. Another are the energetic light workers like this author that are conduits for the light to come through and spread all around the world. Others that are not so immersed in the dark notice this light and the mind and soul starts to change. This change starts a chain reaction and the truth of the frauds of the dark side are uncovered for what they really are.


The dark side has been trying to take total control of earth for a long time but there has always been a balancing force of light to stave off this control. Now there is a returning to home that is decreed by God and the duality is being ended. The time frame for this is a matter of mass consciousness. As the mass consciousness learns of the ways of the dark and the fraud of their system the light will spread into the darkest corners of their world and expose the truth once and for all. Then we will return to a world of spiritual and human evolution that has never before been experienced by humanity, which is the next experiment of God.



The dark side uses down right force of the will to make someone follow the demands that go against the free will of another man. Read more, an extended version of free will HERE http://www.discharge-debt.com/id145.htm

Most people don’t know that the founding fathers of the United States were in fact very spiritual men and that they wrote the constitution based on their beliefs in spiritual principles. Gods laws are not what the religions teach us, they are in fact mostly misinterpreted or twisted to conform to the desires of the dark side. More on this HERE http://www.discharge-debt.com/id146.htm the dark cannot stand to be quoted things from religious sources so they have made a separation of what is called “church & state”. To this day when you quote Gods laws in a courtroom they cringe and squeal. Using Gods law as a basis for your Sovereign free will existence makes, them scurry for cover.


Spiritual News, what we can expect in the coming few years. We have help on the way but the mass consciousness of man must first reach a new level or awareness of the self that is more open to change, more HERE. http://www.discharge-debt.com/id139.htm A great book on understanding the way things are and the way out of it all can be found HERE http://discharge-debt.com/NEWENERGYBOOKS/id10.php



We can’t loose this game of duality because it has been decreed that it is time for it to come to a close. God has experienced all that it wishes to in this experiment.




We are not what we seem to be, in fact, we are free souls that have answered the call of Gods request to go forth and experience for God in all its forms and conditions. For us to continue to put up with a prolonged form of darkness at this end time is to shoot ourselves in the foot. The laws made by man do not apply to the living man and especially the one that stands in Gods Kingdom, no matter where your feet may be at any given time. If you are standing in a courtroom, your feet are still in the kingdom of God and if you move one foot, it is still in the kingdom of God. No man can ever circumvent the will of God and you are that God in a reduced format with equal free will the same as all other men, including the dark ones. The systems of corruption and control have no power or jurisdiction over you as long as you do not contract away your Kingdom over to the dark ones. The dark ones time is almost at an end. For those that will not accept the light of change they will be swept aside until they can accept the change and release there ways of deception. No matter what laws man may make we are still free willed God created free men existing in Gods, kingdom and so are the dark ones that revel in deceit and corruption against his fellow man for the love of money. We are NOT and cannot ever be what another man tells us they want us to be just because they want to tax, control, lie to and just make money off of our existence in Gods Kingdom. We are NOT fictional characters like a cartoon movie. Think of yourself and the system in this way you are the audience (the Living) and they are the cartoon characters, (fictional) they cannot come of the screen into the audience and mingle with the audience or demand anything from the audience.



Light Speed to Humanity



Joseph Collins


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