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Date: November 11th 2006

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The fact that NESARA was thwarted by the government and the corrupt powers that stand behind the government, we have been denied the grievance money that would have been paid out to every man and woman in the united states back in 2001 or shortly thereafter. The twin towers was the vehicle that was used to prevent the announcement of the NESARA act being put into place.

Grievance money is the money to be paid to each of us for all there crimes that have been perpetrated on the American people through fraudulent bank loans of all kinds.

This grievance money is still in the accounts for everyone to receive. It is being delayed indefinitely by the corruption that is in power at this time. We need to get up and demand that the NESARA be enacted. A major upset is required in this country to get the ball rolling, that upset is the removal of the current president Bush.

This will create a domino's effect and we will see the announcement of the NESARA act during the transformation of government either during or shortly after the fall of the system and the bankers behind all the corruption.

NESARA is a fact of law but we have been lied to. It is on the books and here is where you can read about the events of the situation. http://www.discharge-debt.com/id153.htm follow the many links from this page to learn a great deal of the happenings with NESARA and the pending changes in this country.

Go to any site that talks about the impeachment of Bush and follow any suggestions that may be available to us to add out comments to the news and congress to enact impeachment proceedings now.

Spread this email far and wide, we need millions to know of the frauds that are going on behind our backs but right in front of our face's.

We need to become the "We The People" again and throw off the shackles of corruption and start anew. Lets get out of debt and collect the Grievance money owed to us under the NESARA act without any more delay.

Brought to you by www.discharge-debt.com When we throw off the current corruption regime we will no longer need to get involved in discharging of debts because we will be getting rid of all of them for everybody all at once with the removal of the corruption that exists now. NESARA will accomplish this in the wink of an eye and we will need not lift a finger in the discharge process at all. This kind of action will change the entire world in a matter of months and we will all be out of debt instantly instead of just one debt at a time where there may be difficulty that could arise for the one discharging a debt, that may wind up in the legal system as it is now.




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