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From www.discharge-debt.com  

There are a great many things happening behind the scenes all over the world. Most of this is happening within the government and banking cartels. These things are not even known to the average workers within these banks and government agencies. The actual workings are only known to the very high up personnel. The problem is that what is going on is to take total control of the population and enslave us totally. They mean to remove everything our forefathers fought for and bring the worlds people into total servitude to the banks and the bank owned governments.

However there is a new movement going on at the same time. This has been called the patriot movement, tax protester, government reformers and so on. These movements are a result of an energetic shift in consciousness. This shift is all because of the many lightworkers on earth now. We are currently seeing changes planet wide in government and banking. There is a great deal of opposition to this energy shift from the old staugy governments and there desires to control, which is all instigated by the banking cartels. Many of these beautiful lightworkers do not even know they are actually lightworkers but in fact, they are and they are all movers and shakers of energy. Without the movement or change in this energy we would all be unaware of the continual advancement of government, while it continues at an ever steady pace to walk all over us. This movement of energy changes everything planet wide and it is all based on the awareness and energetic intent of a higher force working through these lightworkers. Many people do not know of all that is being done behind their backs against them to further enslave humanity, but yet its all happening right in front of their eyes. More awareness is needed to move things along faster and smoother. You can take part to help move this action into fast-forward in two ways.

1.   You can stand on the front lines like so many are doing like the thousands of patriots as a more public figure like Aaron Russo, (Film Producer) Joe Banister (Ex-IRS agent) and hundreds more.
     (Not Recommended For Everybody)
2.   What is just as or even more powerful is to use the teaching of movies like the _Secrets Movie_ and the _Creative Power Of Belief Movie_. By using these excellent teaching and prosperity tools, you can work silently behind the scenes thru what these videos will show you. These tools are mostly an envisioning process as a start in video one but then the second video moves you into some really powerful techniques that brings new abilities that take you way beyond that of the first video mentioned.

All that is going on is happening because of the change of energy, which, also equates to a change in conscious awareness to bring the truth of what was hidden to the light of day. Watch these videos and learn how to quietly advance the retaking of our country back into the hands of the people. With the use of the tools found in these movies you will reinforce and prod more happenings to surface without actually standing on the front lines, unless that is what you prefer. Energetic movement among the awareness of humanity is how the roots of change works, rather than by brute force.

The Secrets Movie is a primer to the use of energy and awareness of ones surroundings and how to make things happen the way you want them to come out. www.thesecret.tv To view: Pay per-view online or purchase.

This next movie picks up where the Secrets movie leaves off. This one also provides more in-depth wisdom and techniques such as the return of an ancient ability not found anywhere else. This ability can alter the outcome of anything no matter what it is and it works 100% on everything. This ancient lost ability was altered by some corrupt ancient leaders from the era of Atlantis. Due to the change and elevated energies of mans awareness of today we have the opportunity to reclaim this powerful God given ability once again just for the asking. This ability is so powerful it can make a grand difference in the world with just a few people using it. With more people using it, it can make an unbelievable difference in ways that are indescribable in this short message. This is one of those highly guarded secrets, but this movie also gives several other techniques to put your life on an easier plane. Use the links on the left to view the Trailer: Purchase only online.

You can use all of this without anyone knowing what you are doing. ALL OF THIS INFO is critical to be spread by word of mouth.

What these films promote will energetically strengthen the movements back to freedom yet you will not be directly acting on the front lines like others. An energetic shift in consciousness will bring out more front liners that will spread awareness even further and wider around the globe.

To learn more of what is really happening behind the scenes watch this movie. Aaron Russo's movie http://www.freedomtofascism.com To view: Donate, purchase or may be free to watch online.

When you put these tools into practical application in your life, they will bring the desired changes as soon as you practice them in alignment with the Proper Energies as outlined in the movie(s).