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Hurricane Katrina & The Government

Date: October 26th 2006

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 Hurricane Katrina & Government

It_s All About Money

As we watch the news, we see the horror unfolding from the aftermath of the destruction of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. This is only the beginning of much change to come in the near future for approximately the next two years.

The lack of government response to this situation will have worldwide impact on humanity. Already we are seeing other countries belittling the United States for its seeming disregard for its own people. It seemed at first that the government was not going to aid any of New Orleans at all. But now we see a delayed reaction to this disaster after much debate in the media on weather the government was going to respond or not. The delay may have been a procrastination on Bush's part or it may have been a total disregard for what they may have deemed the poor citizens of a poor state.

This is very true as our current government goes. This is what the monster behind the scenes is all about. It is written of and explained in better detail in the book listed on this site about money. "Once Upon A Time There Was No Money". I mention this because this book is all about what is happening now in the US government. However, this could well be any government in the world because money is what all governments are about.

The implications of what is still ahead of us will change the world and especially the US government from the view of the people. People will now start to WAKE UP a little more to the actual workings of the monster that is talked about in the book mentioned above. The outcome will be a brighter future for all, there is always a higher reason for everything that happens and in this case it will be the wake up call to the people to see what they have allowed to befall upon themselves by letting government (which is a fictional character run by some corrupt men) get away from the people and totally out of control. It is so out of control that it has taken on a consciousness of its own similar to the movie(s) "TERMINATOR" where the machines have become self aware and are trying to eliminate the human infestation on earth. About the corruption behind the scenes, the lights of truth are starting to come on now. As the lights come up in brightness the more government and political manipulator cockroaches will be revealed, they will not be able to hide as they once did. I.E. The Banking Cartel.

About GAS

  1. What about the cost of gas that is already in the ground at the pump?
  2. Has anyone thought about that?
  3. The chain of supply is right out the window here when the news airs something going on in the world.

The chains of supply are the same for the oil companies as they are for the rest of the business world.

First you have to pump the oil out of the ground then ship to a refinery then refine and store that gas then sell it to a gas station and then ship it to the station where the gas station owner has purchased the gas at a fixed wholesale price. This all takes several months for the gas to get from the ground to the pump.

Yet when something happens in the news the price of gas jumps up in the same day. WHY does it do that. The reason is only GREED. There is no magic that puts the oil that will cost more in a few days or weeks all the way over into the pumps in the ground at the gas stations the same day. The only reason is to make money from the gullible public that just saying well what are you going to do, you have to buy gas to get to work to make some money to buy even more expensive gas.

I guess I seem to be the only one that says HAY WAIT A MINUTE the gas that this station purchased this month does not cost the station owner anymore today than it did when he bought it. The station should not be raising prices until the higher cost gas actually reaches his pumps. That can take several months. Now the gas station owners don_t mind the price increase because they can sell the gas they bought at a much lower price last week and make a lot more off the same gas. I hear people all over saying the same thing _WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO YOU NEED THE GAS_

Now we also here the lame story about Katrina and the refineries being hit and so much oil has been lost, first the oil/gas in the tanks in those refineries is still good it is just being delayed in delivery due to flooding. The tanks are sealed unless a tank was blown apart the gas is still good. Then we have the recovery costs that supposedly the higher gas prices will help pay for. Well I don_t know about you but I don_t trust the oil companies to give much if any to the rebuilding of New Orleans, I don_t trust them any more than the government. Sure they will collect the insurance money and then still rebuild their refineries at you expense of higher gas prices but they have insurance and an already healthy profit margin for that now, so why do we need to pay them more for the gas that has not been lost, it was just delayed in getting used. Then we also have the fact that there are refineries all over the country that can take up the slack of a few being offline for a while. In the they act like that refinery was the only one that supplied all the USA. In fact many states are not even supplied with gas from the gulf ports like Texas, Wyoming and Colorado where most of the gas is pumped out of the ground in those states, refined there and then sold to the local stations. The only gas that is being lost is what is in the ground at the pumps in the gas stations in New Orleans ONLY and no other place. That gas is now flooded with water getting into the ground storage pumps because the tanks are vented in or very close to the ground so water can get in easily, the refineries do not vent at the ground they vent at the top of their tanks and refinery structures.

I would rather give my donations to someone I know will help the recovery efforts and not pocket 90% of the money like the red cross and salvation army does. To prove that you can look on the internet for news stories about the salvation army and the red cross profits that was run by NBC News in the last year.

Below is an excerpt from only one email that is circling around the world now. It was written by a reporter from New Zealand.

In this email, some disturbing facts are shown about President Bush and his need for money. As it is described in the book listed above MONEY is the controlling substance that all people have put their own personal power and beliefs into to such a degree that they are all blind to the effects and causes it brings on to humanity in situations of disregard for human life over the acquisition of wealth. Money brings on much more than just this in other psychological ways that are explained in the book. Many people will not accept the truths that are really going on behind the scenes but even those people will make the stretch when the news starts to tell the truth instead of cover up truth as they are told to by higher ups in the ranks of the government licensing agencies that control what we see and here in the media.

 Its All About MONEY

Are you waking up yet America???????

Greetings Folks:

Here is some thought and opinion about what is happening in New Orleans from a Report in New Zealand.

Folks, the United States is receiving bad press around the world. The United States is now in the dog house worldwide. Congress must impeach King Shrub and Little Dick, NOW! They have become the world champion mess UPS! Well, you know what I mean!

I have inserted my comments in RED TYPE for a purpose; you figure it out.

Do realize that Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Iran have all offered relief and rescue assistance. All have been turned down. Why??..... it wouldn't be good for business since the Bushites and the Clintonistas are planning to be at war with these countries before the fifteenth of this month. War, power and control are more important to these beasts than PEACE and FRIENDSHIP. To each of those countries, I say thanks, at least the offer was made; and in a few days we will all know who the bad guys are.

Did you know that Iran offered 500,000 barrels of oil at $35 per barrel to aid in the relief efforts? This too was rejected. Why??.... $35 per barrel would not be good for Zapata Oil's business, which is presently selling at approximately $70 per barrel. For you uninformed or brain dead sheople, Zapata Oil is owned by George W. Bush. For the Bushites and Clintonistas the bottom line is always personal profit. Remember that the next time you fill up your car.

Sir David-Andrew.

Are you waking up yet America?

 A touching video news clip from Louisiana http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10121.htm

To read more devastation news about the way the government is treating and has been treating its people for so long now, read the information listed on the main site below or just check the news links on the internet and search the blogs on the Katrina disaster. What will we hear and see next from a non-caring government? Will they pull their heads out into the daylight or will they sit on their stupidity? The current relief efforts are looking much better than they did just 2 days ago, but will it last and will they follow through on their promises?

When its all about money and the control over the masses via money what are we to do? We need to start to pull ourselves together and take charge of the situation. The changes that are coming suggest just that learn what should be done and move in that direction.

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With the advent of the looming GREED of the government and the oil companies it only makes logical sense to look for 
alternative means of propulsion for our internal combustion cars and trucks.
Hydrogen Booster Power for your cars

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