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Date: November 21st 2006

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In a world such as ours, (the current day) we need to make some important changes in order to stop the ever-advancing governments and banks as well as take our freedoms back. The GREEDY banking systems are actually at the root of our problems. It all started a very long time ago with the invention of money to take the place of the old bartering system of exchange.


A little History: The banks, through manipulation of campaign money (as it is called today) have controlled the government in all sorts of ways including the creation of the federal reserve system and the subsequent creation of the internal revenue system. (Which is an internal accounting system for the Federal Reserve and not a taxing agency for the population). These banks have weaseled their way into the government and taken control of the creation and issuance of what is called money. This fake non-gold backed money since 1933 has been based on nothing but thin air. Going a little deeper into the history of our governing system we have the bankruptcy that occurred around the 1930's that gave all that was fought for by the war with England over our independence and freedom was returned back to England with the stroke of a pen. As contracts go it is not possible to file bankruptcy in a bankrupt country so the united states had to file bankruptcy with another country and they just happened to choose England. This was also a design of the banks to force the united states into bankruptcy and to file that bankruptcy with England. Thus, all that we fought and died for was lost as if it never occurred. Taking this back a little further, we have the fact that England is owned by the Catholic Church. YES that is right the Vatican owns England and thus it also owns the UNITED STATES. I mean the incorporated UNITED STATES, not the united states of America. America is still a free country but none of this will be admitted by the legal, banking or church systems to the general public.


Today we have such a corrupt system of governance that we cannot see where to start to make changes. In such a corrupt system, we also have a great deal of ignorant, lazy and highly GREEDY people found infiltrated all thru the system. With this brick wall of GREEDY PEOPLE, we would have a very difficult time gaining our freedoms back by going after the surface issues let alone the root of the problems.


Bear with me and I will explain what the answer is and how to implement it. Man was created equal in every way to his brothers and sisters. In addition, he was also created with an equal amount of free will. What does this mean to the problems of the system?
It Means: That man has no right to force anything on another man/woman that is equal to himself. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, at the same time man was also given free will to do as man chooses without interferences from any higher power.
So, what do we have from this scenario? We have the ability to do as we choose without anything stopping us from doing anything we want. For those that are saying what about the legal and policing systems? Don't we need them to keep order and eliminate chaos and crime? In the current mass consciousness, you would be right but only for a very short time longer. I say this because of the understanding you do not yet have that deals with the solution. You see man has the crime at the street levels he has because of the policing and governing systems that are causing and in most cases instigating the crime and ensuring their job security by perpetuation of the chaos. This need for government is highly publicized by the news, the advertisements, and the force from the courts sending this message of superiority and control, which can be seen from all those that they are putting in their jails. The jailing of so many is also another business of a financial big business nature. This sends a strong message that we need all this government and policing to keep us all safe. This is just not the case, man would not be robbing his brother if he wasn't pressured by the system into a lowered state of being and thus he is being forced into turning to taking from others because he has been robbed of many things himself by the very system that is saposed to be protecting him. These things range from taxes, being put down by the system (which is a biggie) being looked down upon by the churches because one has little money, limited education or low self esteem and many other issues that are constantly being placed as labels from the stronger upon the weaker. Again this is an ignorance of man to be putting his brothers and sisters down in these ways. This makes one turn to the areas of crime that one needs to do just so one can eat. In many cases crime is a retaliation for the ignorance and putting down of the man by the the strong over the week (victimized).


Man has the crime at the upper levels of control because man has taken the power he gets from money and allows himself to become corrupt in the process of acquiring power from and over others thru the energy that comes with having money. Remember that man can do as he pleases without any interference from his maker. There are other factors involved in why and how man has come to this level of mind but that is best left to the video program we offer to explain this in more detail. This program also offers a way to regain an awareness that will enable those that use it to enhance and upgrade ones awareness to a level that would eliminate all the current issues experienced by man at this time in our evolution of humanity.
These upper levels of perpetuated crime against the average man are a result of the GREED we have within the system. So many think that the system is hard to deal with at times but due to the lack of awareness they also fall back on the saying of, "it is the only one we have". Most will keep there comments and personal beliefs to themselves because they fear the systems retaliation if they were to speak out against it. So we have born the cows and sheep in society that will go on just paying, and paying and paying all those taxes, interest on loans, fines from traffic tickets and so much more that is all a matter of GREED from a system that has created all these different ways to feed off the average man. With the force and mindset the system is perpetuating most men and women will go on paying and paying.


There are many ways and answers to the problems. Lets list a few here
1.   We can fight with the system by demanding a redress of government.
2.   We can fight with the banks by discharging our debts, which will take you to the courts when the banks refuse to obey the laws.
3.   We can move to a remote island or a mountaintop to live off the land.
4.   We can change our level of awareness and mindset on how man was meant to live and stop folding into the systems ways and control over us.


Number four above: Has the answer we all need. This answer will not be a confrontational method as most of the items above are. It is the safe and silent by deadly way to kill the monster that looms throughout and over everyone's life constantly in today's society. Fighting with the system will only provoke it further and when you do this, you are actually giving away what we will call your personal power.


I understand that we have a corrupt system that steels from everyone but how will this help change the way things are today?  The answer is simple. We have a mindset of a lowered awareness that was never meant to be by mans creator. This lowering of conscious awareness is the cause of the corruption and GREED that man has fallen into, so to get out of this situation all we need to do is raise our awareness back to a level that is just a little higher than it is now. This will in turn cause a light of truth to be shown into all those that are working diligently to steel from and suppress the rest of humanity. This is not very hard to do at all but the difference this will make in the world is phenomenal. Mans awareness of his surroundings and thinking patterns of the lowered conscious state will bring many things to the light of day and to those all around the earth much like a wave of energy spreading planet wide from man to man. In a short time the awareness of mankind all over the planet will move out of the GREED and corruption mindset and thus humanity will drop all of the things we have in society now that is of a suppressive and GREEDY nature. Abundance will flow planet wide to all not just to a few. The man that was previously suppressed and forced to take from others to eat will not have to resort to those actions, instead he will be seen as an equal and a brother who deserves all that the maker blessed this planet with. Teenagers that understand this principle will think before acting and destroying property as so many have done over the ages just for kicks, I myself included as I was in my younger naive and unaware days.


We offer a book about these situations that may explain this for many in a way that will make it clear to the mind. You can find this book HERE. At: New Energy Books .com


Where do you stand on the issues and the required changes we all need to step
into to take our l ives back as it was meant to be?

                             What will you do to move humanity in the right direction?


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