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Do You Know Who You Are??

Do you know weather or not you are a Sovereign?

Have you wondered what a Sovereign is, and if you are one? Or what it means to be a Sovereign?

Well the answer is that you were one for a few moments when you were first born, then by trickery and slight of contract you were quickly switched over to a ward of the state and no-one was the wiser to the situation.

It all took place when the birth certificate was handed to your parents and they signed it. A title was created from that contract and a trust was attached to it. This is the same as registering your car with the state when you buy one.

Do you know there are no such laws that require you to register your car or your child with the state? It is all a trick and highly secretive in nature. They (the system) will tell you all sorts of lies to keep you from finding out the truth of the laws and requirements of the living man or woman. There really in no such thing as law anymore in any country, instead there is only contracts of the corporation and codes of the corporation that are enforced under contract with you by means of deception by the system upon you. I.E by contract agrement.

Do you know that you are not required to obey all the laws of the corporation on the United States? As a God created living man, none of those thousands of laws apply to you. They only apply to members of the corporation like public servants, business corporations and all those that agree to come under the corporate bylaws of the corporation. you have an unlimited ability to contract or uncontract as you wish.

Do you know that everything that is done in your life is done by contract? When a cop stops you and issues you a traffic ticket, do you know he is actually offering you a contract and he is doing it by force where he has no lawful contract with you to force his will upon you. The officer must by law have a contract with you before he has any authority to even stop you let alone force you to accept his offer of contract from him. Like any other contract, you can reject the offer and there is nothing he/they can do about it. Do you know that if you tell the system or a judge that you do not agree to the terms of the contract that they have no agreement with you to force anything on you, when you do this they have to leave you alone for example if you are in a legal situation and you disagree with the sentence that they cannot carry it out upon you and they must dismiss the charges.

These contracts that you are not likely to be aware of have taken away your God given unalienable rights by there acceptance via your ignorance of them and non disclosure of the fact that they are placed upon you by assumption that you agreed to them because you never said anything otherwise to let the system know you disagree.

The solution is to return to your God given Unalienable rights by rejecting and canceling the contracts. This is known as the redemption process. A lawful process made possible by the constitution of the united States and the bill of rights that allows you by law to expatriate out of the system as it is and repatriate into the Sovereign nation of our forefathers. It is actually a simple process to do and then the system no longer has any jurisdiction over you or your property, I.E. your house, car motorcycle etc.

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