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What is Right and What is Wrong???

Date: December 8th 2006

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What is Right and What is Wrong???


In a world of many differing ideas and concepts exists the many faceted existence of mans creations and struggles. There are so many ways to see the same issue, idea, situation etc. that it is mind boggling. But if we go to our roots of creation we can find a clear path of understanding that cuts right thru all the deceptions, confusion and oppressions we experience in today_s humanity. To get to these clearer understandings we need to look at the spiritual and physics aspects of the intended creation of man and the universe as it was meant to be by the all that is, or as most people know it to be called GOD.


To get a clear understanding of what I am attempting to convey I must give you some basics for this letter. To start with we have all that exists in the world today that is both good and bad in the minds of men. Then we have the higher understanding of the universe known as physics, universal laws and spirituality, which may also include religion, and then we have the mundane and mostly obvious understanding of everyday living in a third dimensional world of physical reality where we know the world by touch, smell, sight, sound, emotional experience and so on. These physical senses make up a great deal of our everyday lives and fill our senses, occupy our time and creates a sense of purpose which helps to define our physical lives to a large degree.


BUT WAITE there is something not quite right with this little picture. We have force and oppression thrown into this scene that makes life much harder to bear than was originally meant to take place by the creator. This element is known by many names and organizations. Let me name a few.

  1. Government
  2. Police
  3. Politicians
  4. The legal system
  5. Even big business

And so on. These entities are a source of force in our world. Now I ask you to feel this for your self, did God create these entities and give those that migrate to these positions a higher purpose in life than he gave all the rest of us????


I think NOT, because man was created with equal free will among all of creation. What does this mean? It simply means that free will is an ability that was given in equal measure to each man, woman and child. There was no hierarchy given to one man or group of men with different abilities to judge or control other lower men. _Free Will_ is the ability to do anything you can think of. What is Free Will _NOT_? It is NOT the RIGHT to use the ability to tread on or use force upon any other man, woman or child.  So we have the ability to do as we please and that includes the ability to use force against another of equal free will. Hover it does not give us the RIGHT to use force against another. Yet it gives us the ability to use force against another that is trespassing on or using force against us (YOU) which is against the free will of the one that is being forced upon.


A paradox in a sense isn_t it? We have all these systems that use force against the population on a daily basis. Oh I know you may say don_t we need these organizations to keep law and order. NO we do not if we all open our minds and hearts to the original blueprint of creation. Lets look a little closer at the systems we live under. Notice I said UNDER. First we have allowed them to exist and we have allowed them to oppress us. Here is an example of how they are oppressing us where we are likely not to see what is really going on behind the scenes yet we are still allowing it


The governing systems tell us we NEED to have things like a drivers license, a business license, pay sales tax, income taxes etc. these things in the law are said to be voluntary or agreed to by all men via voting or poling at some time in life, so a law was created to say that it is mandatory to obey these laws. Did you agree to pay taxes by voting or signing some contract somewhere along your life? No you didn_t but you have paid taxes haven_t you? Now if you do not pay those income taxes or the sales tax at the store or obtain a drivers license what happens? One of two things will most likely occur. At the store you wall be denied the purchase of the product and the IRS may show up at your door if you refuse to pay the VOLUNTARY income taxes that you have never agreed to pay in the first place and they may put you in jail. If you are stopped against your free will for traveling in your car you will be ticked or taken to jail if you do not have a driver_s license. Did God tell you that you need to do these things??? Did God tell them they can tread on your FREE WILL if you do not follow their ways??? I THINK NOT because God did not give them anything he didn_t give you.


Is this NOT FORCE? Is this not against your FREE WILL? Is this something God has decreed that all men must obey the man made laws of other men even if you disagree with those laws?


No it is not at all. Man created all these laws and oppressions and the few impose this on the many. Does this picture look out of proportion to you? Are there men playing GOD on earth by telling you that you must obey there rules and if you do not you will be forced to obey them or be punished.


Remember FREE WILL God gave it to all in equal measure. Has God ever stopped anyone from exercising his/her free will??? NO he has not he allows all thing because he gave man FREE WILL which allows all thing to happen without interference from the higher energies. There is one exception to this rule today and that is nuclear war. The all that is has decreed that any nuclear war will be disallowed. This is so man cannot cause mass destruction and this will further mans evolution out of the times of oppression as we know it now.


So what is right and what is wrong? What is right is that man has the ability to do as he pleases and what is wrong is that man does not have the right to go against the free will of any other man for any reason. We all choose what we want out of life and we cannot be forced to pay or do something we have not voluntarily chosen to do at will.


The world is changing before our very eyes.  We can see this in the wars of today. Millions are crying out for the stopping of needless killing of men over oil. Man has come to a point of no longer being mindless and following a system of control and oppression without question. We are coming out of the darkest ages and into a new era of light of the mind and soul this light is a spiritual awareness of that which is right and that which was a part of the original blueprint of mans existence in the realms of physicality.


How do we gat back to basics? That is a question each of us must ask ourselves one on one. Think about this question from this point of view. What is the basis for every drink found on earth? The answer is WATER. No matter what you drink the base for that drink is water. So if we take away all the added ingredients like sugar, (causes many disorders) syrups, acid (carbolic acid used to make soda, which strips all the vitamins and minerals from the body) coffee beans (contributes to hardening of the liver and liver spots on the skin) and so on. Remove these and we have the base left, WATER. This by the way is the best thing we can put into our bodies because it will not cause any problems with the bodies normal functions. Removing the oppression from life which is government and all that comes with it and we have freedom to live life as it was meant to be.


What do you believe??? Belief makes all the difference in the world. If you believe in all the oppression of the system as it is then you are actually reinforcing and perpetuating it with your thoughts. There is a video that can make some sense of the belief patterns. This is offered on our site at www.discharge-debt.com or www.newenergybooks.com it is called _The Creative Power Of Belief_


Light to all Mankind

Joseph Collins

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