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Free Will Rights From God

The Power Of Truth


God given unalienable rights are something that cannot be abridged by any legal system just because they want to, weather they make a law that says they can or not. God given rights are not at the liberty of man to change, alter, or deny in any way period.

Let me explain just what free will is and how it works. First God created man and gave him free will, and he gave it equally to all men, not a little free will here and more free will over there to a select few people, now what does that mean?

It simply means that everyone has the same ability to make a choice and abide by the choices the one made. It also means that all of your choices override the choices another may make for you, especially if it is not in agreement with your choice(s). So, what do we have now? We have the ability to do anything you want as long as it does not interfere with the free will choices of another. So lets apply this to the legal and government systems. Do they abide by your choices to be left alone as long as you do no harm or interfere with the free will of another? NO THEY DO NOT, instead they go to great lengths to force laws they made without you knowing 90% of them and what they mean. They force them onto you when you did not or do not agree with the law because it was not one of your choosing. Anyone can make all the laws they want for themselves or for a group who agree with and or help to make them and then wish to live by them. However all those laws that someone else made for themselves can only be applied to themselves and their group, NOT to someone outside the group by personal choice or if you choose not to partake in those laws. Even if you were one of that group that agreed to those laws but now have changed your mind, then those laws no longer apply to you because you have now made the free will choice to change your mind. They have no authority to force those laws outside their group of consenting men and women that made those laws for themselves because God created all men equal and with equal amounts of FREE WILL. Look at how many men and women are in jails, have lost property to the IRS or have paid fines to the system of corruption we have today that was done against their own personal free will.


God does not judge men and women while on earth. All is recorded by the heavens that are constantly watching all that goes on, then when you have made all your choices and trespassing across others free will, you will be handled by the higher realms both in terms of karma and retribution for your choices against Gods law of free will upon others against their will. The system has had no right ever given to them that puts them above all others, they have no right to impose anything like fines or jail on anyone, that is all up to God and the one trespassed upon to handle the one that trespassed on the other. If the system was such that we handled our own conflicts, we would all be better off because, for one there would be no jails and no threats from a force of unnatural means like the police FORCE. Instead, we would simply deal immediately and directly with others that made a trespass on our choices and it would be handled right then and it would be over and done with between the two concerned in the altercation or conflict. No one else would be involved. If someone forced their will onto another and the one was not dealt with then the higher realms would handle it as a karma situation in the aggressors life or in another future life where the aggressor would be in the situation of being trespassed upon possibly by the same one they aggressed upon in an earlier life. When all have an understanding similar to this and the understanding of Gods laws of cause and effect between themselves and their free will choices, they will tread much more lightly where others are concerned. This understanding will bring about a greater peace among men.


Here is the universal truth about Gods law. Man was created with free will so man has the ability to choose anything he wants to do including force, murder steeling, crimes of all types and no one from the God realms will ever step in the way of any act one chooses to do, why? Because God gave everybody the same ability to choose and govern themselves regardless of the choices they make.


Lets look at the right to force your will upon another or vice versa. You have the ability because of free will but you do not have the right to force your will upon another, even the legal systems will agree with that because they will be the first to come after you in a rage of force if you make any aggression toward them in any way. BEWARE because they will do this against you without any regret or remorse at all.


If you disagree with anything, anyone tells you or does to you that goes against your will it is simply void that they said or did anything against you because of the laws of free will. If they force it, they are actually doing what they do to you to themselves in the end where the karma must be balanced before he/she can evolve onto the next level of evolution.


The one law of the universe says do unto others as you would have done unto you.

You have the ability but not the right to make choices by force over another_s free will.


This includes all the laws and governments in the world.

You were born of God and you will return to the source when it is your time. While here on earth you are free to choose as you please, no system has ever been given the authority from God to make any choices for you or impose any laws upon you that you do not agree with or consent to for the greater good of yourself.


Why do the people of the governing systems want to control everything and everyone on the planet according to their rules and desires? Well first the vast majority of them I.E. (public servants) police and judges etc are just pawns in the system. Most are what I will call brainwashed and just ignorant of the true laws of the creator and even the laws on the books that actually protect you from them. The rest above them are actually very dark souls that want to gain as much power as they can all over the world. Among these are most politicians, heads of state and the world-banking cartel. Most of the corruption we have today is caused and started by the banking system. The systems of control will go to great lengths to stop the truth from being let out world wide like the cure for cancer and aids as can be found on this site http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=575


As a Sovereign you are once again outside of the oppression systems of laws and government who force everything they do upon you against your will 100% of the time. A Sovereign is the author and authority for law to exist in the first place, which means you are the superiors to the public servants. You created the legal system way-back when and you are still the ultimate controller of it. What they do to you is all by contract laws that they presume you to be a part of because they have infiltrated so much of the world of man with their contracts. Just look around. You are forced to obey their laws of taxation, use of money and of the roads etc, if you do not they will arrest or fine you and if you refuse their systems rules they will come after you and jail you. Now is that something God does and does God endorse this behavior with the laws of free will he created and bestowed upon man as a Sovereign free willed man. NO HE DID NOT and does NOT. As a Sovereign you do not have to answer to the system for anything because all those millions of laws they created in their fictional capacity do not apply to you the living man/woman. The system being a fictional character is beneath the Sovereign, so when the fictional color of law courts create millions of laws they are created for only one class of people and that class is other fictional characters the same as them. A fictional character cannot come out of the movie screen into the audience of the living man/woman so the same applies to the fictional courts and public servants, they cannot enter your world of the living either, it just isn_t possible. They trick you into entering into their world by use of enticements like credit, loans and privileges of the state like a drivers license, business license and so on. The biggest trick they do is always fraud by assuming you to be under their control and refusing to listen to you when you say hay wait a minute I do not agree to this or that, and then they use force against your will. The tricks of the system start at your birth when they require a hospital to give a birth certificate form to the parents of the newborn and tell them it is required to be filled out. At this point, they have created a title to the child and the parents have unwittingly given consent to the system of control from that moment on, or until one chooses to remove themselves from that control by means of the redemption process and return to the natural status of Sovereign again.


(1) Free Sovereign Citizens own their own lives, minds, bodies, and labor, and may do with them anything that doesn't violate the equal rights of others. This principle of individual sovereignty or self-ownership is the foundation for all legitimate property.

(2) Free Sovereign Citizens have the right to own property, which consists of all possessions acquired without coercing others. They respect the equal right of others to own property, which forms the basis for productive and cooperative human relationships.

(3) No individual, group, or majority has the right to initiate or threaten force, fraud, violence, or theft against Free Sovereign Citizens or their property.

(4) Free Sovereign Citizens have a right to choose whether to communicate or associate with others. These rights of speech and privacy follow directly from the principle of individual sovereignty or self-ownership.

(5) Free Sovereign Citizens consider a crime to occur only when there is physical damage to a person or property. Therefore, there is no such thing as a "victimless crime," and no Free Sovereign Citizen can commit a crime simply by disobeying the arbitrary rules of tyrants or coercive organizations.

(6) For a right to be valid its exercise may not impose a positive obligation on another; it only depends on others not taking coercive actions. Free Sovereign Citizens respect the equal rights of other Citizens, and therefore do not expect others to contribute to their interests, except through voluntary transactions or contributions.

On page 1238 of Black's Law Dictionary (Revised 4th Edition) we find the entry: "OMNES HOMINES AUT LIBERI SUNT AUT SERVI. All men are freemen or slaves. Inst. 1, 3, pr.; Fleta, 1. 1, c. 1, Sect. 2." _This Latin dictum declares you must be either a "freeman" or a "slave." Mutually exclusive categories. No middle ground. If you're not one, you must be the other.





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