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Please take this NBC pole to IMPEACH BUSH and pass it on to as many as possible.


Please take this MSNBC Impeachment poll (5-10 seconds, literally) and pass on this e-mail. Right now 86% of the 111,500 Plus who have taken the poll want Bush impeached.





In addition to the above survey, this email is an information communication for uplifting our society and moving the changes, we desperately need to bring peace and a removal of oppression and all the illegal activities of the government that we presently live under now.


The awareness alone of this message is all that is needed to bring the changes the mass consciousness needs to make changes we all desire. The current workings in the secret governments are not as they should be, they are in fact a matter of workings that are more along the lines of further oppression, control, deceit, lies and SLAVERY for all the world in a monetary sense.


However, at this time there is a highly secret plan to stop the workings of the continued slavery of man by its own government. This plan requires the uplifting of consciousness to a level of acceptance of this help that is needed and poised to occur this year.


I am speaking of off world civilizations that have been in contact with the governments for a very long time and have warned them of their actions against the population of earth but have so far gone into a deaf ear and ignored. They have not have the authority to interfere in out planets evolution up until now, but the plans of the New World Order Government has been such that an intervention was granted due to the continued refusal of the system to treat its people with respect and equality amongst all.


Our awareness is all that they need to make this first contact with us and intervene. They monitor us constantly and they intuitively know where we are and how we would accept them when they do de-cloak their ships that are currently around earth and show themselves by actually landing their ships on earth. This is planned for the year 2006 and they will do this in many areas of the world so the governments cannot cover it up as a fluke. They will talk to us all on our media channels like radio and TV on a worldwide basis.


So show you want this intervention and rearranging of the governments with the help of a species that the governments cannot cover up, deny or refute because they will reveal the truth to the masses about all that the governments have done to people over so much time where we have been illegally enslaved to the government.


The time for them to make themselves known to us is all based on our awareness of the looming issues within the governments and our desire to correct them and our desire for intervention that we are so far unable to affect on our own.


I for one expect to see a drastic change in our world. Try reading some of what they have to say to us  directly from them at this site http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm

And also again at this site http://www.paoweb.com/updates.htm scroll down to updates.


From www.discharge-debt.com



Joseph Collins