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Letter of Jurisdiction Information

Letter of Jurisdiction


Challenge of Jurisdiction and Authority

Below are some of the samples you will get with the Sovereign Program, non are complete but rather a cut and past of partial letters into one.

What to say to a public servant who is attempting to offer you a contract or even trying to force a contract upon you like a traffic ticket. If you are getting a ticket make some statement to the affect of these below and then tell him/her that for the interest of peace and inconvenience of time and trouble the cop is attempting to place on you if he arrests you for not taking his forced contract say: I do not accept but for the sake of peace I will take this void paper from you now so you can go about your business without aggression of confrontation with me. This will not be understood by them but will be the legal basis where you are saying you do not agree to the terms of the contract and are thus you are not liable to respond to it or to the court. If asked to sign the ticket use this phrase By: ___so&so___ Agent UCC 1-308 WITHOUT PREJUDICE, (Formerly 1-207 without prejudice,) on the signature line of the ticket, you can fit this in by putting without prejudice above your name.

I do not accept your contract.

I disagree.

I do not accept your sentence.

I do not accept the terms of the contract.

All of your presumptions of authority and jurisdiction over me are revoked you are fired.

You do not have permission to intervene into my private or commercial affairs. I.E. you are a third party that is outside my affairs and you cannot make any judgments or alterations or claims upon my contracts weather they be contracts I hold in my unlimited capacity to contract with any state, federal or private entity contracts.

Public servants have no rights in civil or statutory law, under common law all rights belong to the living man/woman, the Sovereign.

There is no such thing as law in today_s society of commerce. There are only contracts, codes or rules of the corporation of the bankrupt incorporated UNITED STATES. What is mistakenly being touted, as law is merely the codes of the corporation just the same as any business corporation that so many men and women work for in the business world? They no more apply to the men and woman that do not work there than they apply to God. Only those that work for the corporation have to comply with these codes. I. E. the public servants of the system.

Jurisdiction cannot be assumed but must be proved in writing prior to any actions of aggression upon any living man or woman by any public servant. If you are confronted with an aggression from a public servant, you should ask for the signed contract between them and you where you gave them a right or permission to aggress upon you. They must prove they have the authority and or jurisdiction to even approach you in the first place.

Where is your signed contract between you and me where I have voluntarily entered into both willingly and knowingly with my signature on it that gives you any right or permission or authority over me to interfere in my right to travel or any other of my unlimited rights to contract or uncontract?

Until you have proven that there is a signed contract between us, you have no right, authority, jurisdiction or assumption of the above over me and I will not respond in any manner to your requests or demands.

My response to your letters or demands does not constitute any presumption of authority or jurisdiction over me. All such presumptions are revoked. You are fired out of my private and commercial affairs.

In the interest of peace and not wanting to waist, my time with you/your public servant(s) detaining me without a contract to do so, and due to public servant ignorance of the codes of the bankrupt incorporated UNITED STATES. I have allowed your public servant to think public servant was fulfilling public servant_s job description and complete public servant_s void paperwork while public servant thought public servant was writing a ticket. I allowed public servant to think that I gave my name, which was really the name of a fictional character, (which I am not) to put on public servant_s papers. I am the agent and fiduciary for the fictional name listed on your void contract papers. This was done in peace to appease the ignorant public servant and limit my time in explaining their lack of jurisdiction due to a lack of contract with me to ever stop my conveyance and or to being unlawfully detained any further by your public servants out of their ignorance. I have returned your void unaccepted contract papers to the public servant that wrote it because I did not agree or accept the terms of the contract upon me the living man/woman weather they be forced or not. I did not willingly accept the paper from the public servant as a contract between you/he and me it was again a temporary allowance to maintain peace. That allowance lasted only until I departed the location where the public servant interrupted my right to travel in and on Gods land.

By: ____________________ Agent and fiduciary for the fiction. Without Prejudice UCC 1-207


Laws Explained

In the system of what is perpetrated as laws, we have a very big misconception on just what law really is. First you need to know what the current system is propagating as law but really isn_t.

  1. Civil Code
  2. Uniform Commercial Code UCC
  3. Statutory Code
  4. And Vehicle Code

Notice the word CODE in all the above. This word is the difference between laws and codes exactly the same as a dress code at a place of employment. The reasons for all these item being named codes are that, that is just what they are; the UNITES STATES is a bankrupt CORPORATION. What that means is that it operates in commerce and not in law. This also explains why a judge may attempt to charge you with contempt in court if you bring up the united states constitution. This difference is because the courts are all operating in maritime and incorporated codes. The only law that exists is the Common Law. Today_s courts do not operate in common law because when you demand common law in your very own courtroom they have to give all the rights over to you. They do not want to do that because you are the one in control when this happens. Therefore, they will acknowledge the Common Law but they will continue to quote civil procedures and hope you don_t catch it and tell them to stop.

The system or the powers that be have been putting out the propaganda that the codes they are applying to you and me are laws when in fact they are not even close to any kind of law. They trick you into accepting their definitions and assumption of their codes by asking you things like _are you the named defendant?_ If you answer yes, they have silently assumed you to be a member of the corporation they work for and will apply what ever they want upon you.

Let me explain how they do this, first you are completely outside of their corporation and have absolutely no reason to acknowledge their complaints or charges against you. They assume everything at all time and they do this silently unbeknownst to you. Your first mistake is to reply to them in some way say by writing a letter to the court stating your are not a part of their system but rather a Sovereign instead, your letter is a response that is taken as if you have given permission and authority to the court. This then is also taken as them having jurisdiction over you. If you show up at their courthouse and walk into the court, they assume you have also given them jurisdiction over you. If you do not work for this Corporation then the codes of this Corporation do not apply to you any more than the dress codes of the Corporation down the street applies to you if you do not work their.

Now you know that the bankrupt INCORPORATED UNITED STATES operates in codes not laws. So how do they assume you are a part of their control? They have made the law dictionaries to read that a natural person and the word person to mean a juristic entity at law. The word person means an individual, a trust, estate, a partnership, an association, a company or corporation, or some derivation of this definition. Thus, person may have varying definitions in law that are not necessarily the common use meaning. The word individual means a person, which is just a circular reference to the word person. A natural person is a legal entity as well and also means an artificial entity and does not mean a living man or a Sovereign. See also the letter entitled Sovereign or person, that may be attached to this letter, if not you may need to get the programs this letter talks about. In order for you to be subject to the codes of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES, you must first be employed by the corporation or have accepted a privilege from it that benefited you in some way. Every license and contract you have makes you a beneficiary in some way and that is why they assume so much that you are subject to their codes that they call laws. The answer to the problem of authority and jurisdiction is to leave the system by becoming a Sovereign and breaking all ties to the privileges of the state and the federal government. The redemption process is the way to do this by making new contracts between yourself and the STRAWMAN they created. This allows you to control the STRAWMAN without accepting any liability to it. The STRAWMAN is your interface to the Corporate world of commerce that you are not responsible for because you did not create it the states and feds did.

So you see be replying to their complaints and accusations is your first mistake. You need to make your reply correctly based on challenging jurisdiction and making a statement of facts that you are not giving up your rights and you are not allowing any assumptions of their gaining jurisdiction over you in the very first part of your letter to them. Never show up in the courtroom ever. Handle your complaints by mail and then forget about it.

HOW to reply to a court?

The process is not hard to do but you must make it a matter of public record so it can be referenced if needed. There are several ways to become a Sovereign. The easiest way is to become a member of a Sovereign Nation; you can find more info on this here http://www.discharge-debt.com/id129.htm the next way is to use the information contained here http://www.discharge-debt.com/do_it_yourself_credit_card__secured___unsecured_debt_elimination__redemption_.htm

The first way to become a Sovereign will come with all you need to show proof of your Sovereignty.

Letter to court or public servants

Incomplete sample letter


You are hereby NOTICED that I am a living soul standing ONLY under God, my Creator, protected by the legal jurisdiction of the PNLSB of North America, and thereby FREE to work in any common occupation of my choice without taxation and regulation by any Defacto State of the UNITED STATES. By making this response to you with this letter, I am NOTICING to you that I AM NOT conveying any authority of jurisdiction whatsoever to you or this court. All Sovereign rights are perpetually reserved now and forever.

   You are hereby NOTICED that I am not A Corporation, nor am I a U.S. citizen, nor a government created fiction, nor have I ever granted Power of Attorney over myself to the defacto State of the several states of the UNITED STATES or to any Court or its Judges to treat me as if I am a subject citizen, nor do I intend ever to do so in the future.  I have NO CONTRACT obligation with the defacto State of any union STATE and NO CONTRACT with any Court or any Judge attempting to fraudulently impose obligations on me to the defacto State of this or any STATE, nor do I ever intend to have any such contracts, as such contracts would violate Sovereign Pembina Nation status and my contracts with my Creator from whom I received my UNALIENABLE Rights in the first place.

    FOR AND ON THE RECORD, I hereby revoke, rescind, and void ab initio any and all supposed, alleged, assumed, or presumed signatures, autographs or marks of mine, that you or anyone might have on any non-disclosed contract in your possession without a lawful offer, acceptance, consideration or value provided by both parties, and without a meeting of the minds and full disclosure as to the nature of the contract.  I hereby affirm that I would never knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily sign any contract with any State of the union of the UNITED STATES that would steal away my natural God-given Rights and replace those Rights with privileges granted by the State(s) for the purpose of their taxing me for my right to travel or work in a common occupation.

Points in fact:

  1. You or your public servant has stopped a Sovereign Nation living member man/woman with first right claims upon the land he/she travels upon.
  2. This Sovereign exists in a completely separate and lawfully distinct jurisdiction recognized by treaty with the UNITED STATES.
  3. There are no crossings of the boundaries of jurisdiction where you can apply any laws of the civil and statutory codes of incorporation to the living Sovereign member.
  4. State vehicle codes do not apply to the Sovereign because of the boundaries of jurisdiction between the incorporated states and the living as well as the recognition of treaty with the United States that cannot be lawfully crossed from the incorporated STATES over to the real world of the living man/woman within the jurisdiction of the Sovereign Nation, who travels as a matter of unalienable right within the kingdom of the one creator upon the land, water or air of the earth.
  5. You as a public servant of any incorporated state operating under defacto color of law jurisdiction cannot cross the boundaries of jurisdiction from your world into the real world of the Sovereign living man/woman because of the nature of a fiction that exists in name or on paper only I. E. public servant. The office of public servant you hold is a fictional office that is animated by the living man who accepts the title of the office he/she holds. The laws of this office cannot be applied to the living Sovereign man/woman, but only to another holding the fictional office of person or one who has accepted a privilege from a STATE in the form of a contract I. E. a State issued driver_s license.
  6. In order for you to stop me, you must first have a contract to do so. You have not produced a signed contract between you and me.
  7. For the Sovereign to be liable to the codes of the Corporation the Sovereign must be so named in the code(s) that you are attempting to apply to the Sovereign.
  8. No contracts exist between your state and me the Sovereign so there is no assumption of jurisdiction that you can rely upon to assume you have the authority to assume any jurisdiction and you have no authority to demand the Sovereign to enter into a contract with you or your STATE. I. E. Traffic Ticket. States operate in contract laws thus a citation is an offer of contract.
  9. You will note that there is no STATE issued license plates on the Sovereign private property vehicle, which translates to no jurisdiction over the property by the public servant or the STATE. My Sovereign tag is Both my Flag and my Tag, and My Flag supercedes your flag by virtue of the Treaty of 1778 and the Old Crossing Treaty of 1863" first right to the land.
  10. As a Sovereign, living man/woman I have not given permission, consent or authority to the Corporation of the STATE therefore the STATE has no case.

Authority of the Public Servants and Courts.

Blacks Law Dictionary


  1. Right


  1. Permission

In order for a court to have the right to jurisdiction over a man or woman that court must operate in common law, which means that under common law all rights are for and in the favor of the man/woman and not the court.

In order for the court to operate in statutory or civil codes or what is mistakenly know as laws against a man/woman, they must have permission from the man/woman to do so. The courts operate in commerce, which is the code of contracts, not laws. Laws are reserved for common law.

(Revocable authority authors NOTE:)
In general, an authority is revocable, unless it is given as a security, or it be coupled with an interest. The revocation is either express or implied; when it is express and made known to the person authorized, the authority is at an end; the revocation is implied when the principal dies, or, if a female, marries; or the subject of the authority is destroyed, as if a man have authority to sell my house, and it is destroyed by fire or to buy for me a horse, and before the execution of the authority, the horse dies.

When once the agent has exercised all the authority given to him, the authority is at an end.

An authority is to be so construed as to include all necessary or usual means of executing it with effect and when the agent acts, avowedly as such, within his authority, he is not personally responsible.