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Posted By: DrRobinFalkov <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 24 September 2005, 7:41 p.m.

Hello Everyone,

Here is the detailed weather manipulation analysis by Richard C. Hoagland at the Enterprisemission website blog. Use the link for reading the complete blog analysis which is way too BIG to post here.

Dr. Robin Falkov



Captain's Blog
Space News & General Commentary by Richard C. Hoagland
Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Hyperdimensional Katrina": Scientific Evidence -- Rita Update! -- 1:00 PM- 9/24/05

As we watch another "monster storm," Hurricane Rita (above), bear down on the Texas/Louisiana Coast -- the second catastrophic disaster to hit this region in only three weeks (!) -- we have a major new development to report in our on-going "Hyperdimensional Katrina Investigation":

This sequence of New Orleans' NEXRAD radar data (above) is in our opinion (and that of other experts who have now looked at it our behest ...) a proverbial "smoking gun"--

Strongly indicating now that Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, an artificially manipulated hurricane -- and ... specifically targeted for the City of New Orleans!

The startling evidence supporting this preliminary confirmation lies in a frame-by-frame analysis of this official National Weather Service "radar loop."

* * *

The first thing one notices in looking at these frames, are the bizarre, extraordinarily regular "vorticular patterns" marching across the image (below) -- slowly rotating across the field of view in the span of the 18 minutes represented by the sequence. At first glance, this geometry could easily be mistaken for an image of the slowly rotating "feeder bands of rain" in the fully-developed hurricane itself ....

Until ... one looks closer at the DATE of this particular NEXRAD radar image sequence:

August 17, 2005 -- fully 12 days BEFORE Katrina hit New Orleans!!

Obviously, then, this official National Weather Service radar data CANNOT be from the landfall of Hurricane Katrina ... which didn't come ashore in southern Louisiana until the wee hours of August 29th!

In fact, here's what the official radar loop (below) of Katrina's actual landfall on the 29th, from the same NEXRAD station, looked like:

So, what makes the loop from the 17th -- twelve days earlier -- so unusual ...?


This image (below) is the last pre-sunset GEOS visual satellite image of the Louisiana area from the same day as the New Orleans' radar "anomaly" -- August 17th.

As you can see, it reveals a few thunderstorms situated to the north and west of New Orleans the City ... but in the area northeast of the City -- where those peculiar "radar bands" are locasted in the close-up -- there are no clouds or precipitation at all!

Here's the visual close-up (below); notice all that TOTALLY CLEAR AIR to the east of the City [located between Lake Pontchartrain (the red oval above the words "New Orleans") and the top of the "boot" below it, representing the Mississippi delta extending out into the Gulf of Mexico]--

Right where those peculiar radar bands are the heaviest (below)!

Just what the hell is going on!?

Radar images on the National Weather Service NEXRAD image loops are created by transmitted radar energy (from the radar antenna) being reflected back to that same antenna, as a function of azimuth (a 360-degree position, relative to the transmitter). The NEXRAD system "refreshes" these images every 6 minutes -- revealing precipitation (rain, or hail or snow) within hundreds of miles of the antenna. Sometimes, when birds are migrating ... or insects are swarming in the Spring ... the radar system can detect echoes from objects OTHER than raindrops or snowflakes ... but that is very rare.

In this case, two highly patterned, incredibly regular, slowly-rotating "vortices" -- one northeast of New Orleans, the other to the south, and in TOTALLY CLEAR AIR! -- are reflecting strong echoes BACK to the NEXRAD antenna ... when there's NOTHING suspended in that air for the radar beam to be reflecting from!!

Totally inexplicable ... by any standard meteorological

continued at:


Be sure to check the previous blogs for important perspective about Katrina as well!