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Announcing Our New Program


Improved Quality of the streaming video.

In this video and techniques program, we show you exactly how to defeat the government corruption for good. Rather than putting yourself into a position where you are attacked and or prosecuted by the dark agenda's of the banking and governing systems. In that situation, you will experience far more trouble than you may wish too.


Changing your financial situation is not about fighting with a corrupt system, its about altering all of humanity with a simple understanding that will defeat and dissolve that which plagues us constantly in our daily struggles to make a comfortable living. This can be done in a much simpler way than fighting with the system over discharging your debts. Humanity does not need to organize in order to defeat the dark agenda's of control; it is not a massive organization in numbers of bodies, but the collective light of souls on Earth and the beaming of that light from a family of evolved humans, which are the individual souls of men and woman, that will abolish all corruption once and for all on earth. This will dissolve the so-called remaining cabal of the dark agenda of our current corrupt governments and it will close down all the banksters as well. This will all be done from the inside out of those systems as humanity rises in what is really a very simple understanding of our personal creations we call the "SYSTEM". This simple understanding, OR rise in awareness, cannot be withstood by the agenda of the encroaching system of control. 


Book Two: A Video Book Of Techniques To Alter The Outcome Of Your Efforts In Everything You Do In Everyday Life.
These teachings will bring a magical quality to your life that you will not want to miss out on.


The "Creative Power Of Belief"  is a 2 to 3 day course that helps you alter your
state of abundance to bring you all that you desire.
This is achieved through the returning of an ancient ability that man lost long ago.
The returning of this lost ancient energy of manifestation works almost instantly for
everyone that has put it to the test, bringing whatever the user has requested of it.
It also alters the outcome of situations putting them in your favor when you request it to
present a solution that will make the difference you may be seeking.
To learn how this all works you will need to obtain the DVD video course.
Go to the website listed below and watch the 10 minute trailer.

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