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Discharge Debt has been revised, removing the do it for you debt elimination programs. We have done this due to the changes in the way banks and the system has been treating to debt elimination programs and also due to some in-abilities of the elimination companies have had in getting around the resistance problems from the above mentioned sources. Also removed was the
auto elimination program. The auto program was very successful for those that could enroll into it, however the majority of people seeking help with their debt burdens were already in such deep trouble with finances that they could not afford to pay for the help they needed, both with auto and credit cards.
We still offer our DO IT YOURSELF DEBT ELIMINATION PROGRAM. This program has been more successful than the other companies in that it provides a better and faster way to eliminate your loans and taxes. It also gives the ability to recoup all your paid in tax monies to the IRS without tampering with your retirement benefits from the IRS. A friend has recently submitted for the last three years and got back over $17,000 from the IRS.
Plus a whole lot more than just debt elimination. Becoming a sovereign again as you were born to be can be a change in ones life that will enable you to protect not only your income but your home and any other property such as a car, boat RV or any other physical item you may have.
Read more about what it means to be a Sovereign at the WEB SITE Direct to Benifits Page.
          In addition to the website revisions there has been a new addition. 
A very good book about money, the effects it has on people and a cure that would change the face of the world.
167 pages of thought provoking information and wisdom from a source not of this worldly level.
ISBN 1-933037-51-2