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The American Indebtedness System


The debts that Americans think are legal are actually fraudulent by law and the bonds people think are fraudulent are actually more legal than the dollars in your pocket. That are many legal reasons for this but the main reason that is most important is that the UNITED STATES is bankrupt. All of the loans and credit cards you have are actually fraudulent liens against you under color of law, not under the actual law of this country. The federal Government is bound by the bankruptcy laws to pay all your debts due to the facts of the bankruptcy.


Discharge those debts with a bond that will only cost you the paper and ink it is written on but has more power than the money in your pocket, write them for any denomination you need to discharge your debts.


Your response to the email link below will get you a letter explaining some of the legal situations going on against the banks and the Federal Reserve System in the courts right now. This action in the courts is all about the fraud of the banking system.


We offer you a way out of your debts that is instant by use of the bonds rather than months of waiting for someone else to fight with the banks and cost you more than twice what out program will cost you. Best of all you are in total control at all times, you wait for no one to succeed or fail for you. Many of the programs out there are done for you while some work at a far higher cost in both money and time. Many more fail than not because they are arguing with the banks that are learning that ignoring the laws works. This is because they have learned that the courts do not care about the laws and what is right and wrong they only care about making money. One way to view this is actually in the favor of the courts on a profit margin level. The courts see that many cases entered into the courts by the banks against the consumer is a profitable business for the courts in filing fees, where if the courts obeyed the laws on the books against the banks there would be few cases entered on their dockets thus less money for the courts and more wins for the consumer just by pointing out to the banks the laws regarding their illegal actions against the consumer in racketeering and non-disclosure just to name two. There are hundreds of laws that make what the banks do illegal.


Discharge with a bond is something that is hard for both the courts and the banks to deny because you are actually paying what the banks says you owe to the bank, if they take you to court after the fact of payment and you tell the court that you paid the debt in full how is that going to make the bank look? Do you think the court will rule in favor of the bank that you have paid in full?


For your automated additional info letter click on this link you will receive a court case that is pending for all American Citizens that can change to way our monetary systems are run. You will get a second letter included with additional information about the systems of government and our money.

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