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From: Discharge-Debt.com
March 18 2006
From Mathew
Excerpt: the remainder of this message can be found HERE http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=52&z=2

Now then, with eyes globally focused on US President Bush’s next move and his low approval ratings in polls, even mainstream media, although still heavily controlled by the Illuminati, has been reporting that his policies are under increasing attack from all corners of the Earth.  But Bush never has been the driving force of his administration—the real decision-makers are his father and vice president Cheney, who are key Illuminati members.  They control the principals in both parties—partisan politics is an illusion, part of the dark agenda to keep divisiveness of the citizenry alive and well—some of whom accede willingly in their lust for power and others who follow through bribery or threats.  It isn’t yet public knowledge that legal wheels are churning steadily to topple the most corrupt and depraved in this government, but following the dots of what has been reported to date shows that movement in this direction is making headway and more is soon to be disclosed.  

We wish we could tell you exactly when the movement to dislodge all of the major offenders will reach fruition, but we don’t know—we can only say that at this moment, it appears to be a matter of months, not weeks or years.  In their desperation these betrayers of public trust are seeking delaying tactics via legal means to hold onto their positions, and in their delusion they think they will succeed.  They won’t.  The legal housecleaning will result in the judicial system working as it should, with justice in its purest sense, not as it has been perverted to serve the darkness, and for two vital reasons it is important to honor the legal process.  First, impeccably observing those channels preserves the country’s constitutional foundation.  Second, the people need to adjust psychologically to the inevitable fall of their government; for this to come in one fell swoop would invite panic and chaos, and that energy would permeate your world.  This is not meant to happen and it will not.  In our love for you, we commiserate with your impatience to see the end of this reign, and as our own soul-selves, we are eager for Earth’s complete freedom from eons of dark domination.  

I repeat what I have said in many messages: The United States’ emergence from its corrupt governing system that started not long after its war of independence is the pivotal step to ridding the rest of the world of tyrannical regimes.  The US government appears to be the reckless and arrogant aggressor, but that is because it is the keystone in the power base of the Illuminati’s global operations, and this base has been shattered by the in-pouring of light.  You could say that only the “mopping up” is left—even though individuals will hold onto their positions for a while longer and continue their mayhem, their influence is fast going the way of their power base.  Between the infighting that weakened both of the Illuminati factions and the continuing defection of members from both, their plan for world domination has failed. When the US administration falls, the domino effect that will reverberate around the globe won’t be accomplished only by political means, but more so by the intensified light energy that is a combination of your own and the broadening beams of our space family reaching a crescendo.  The off-planet dark forces that have been influencing their Illuminati puppets know they are defeated and are leaving planet Earth to the victor—the light.  


The above are the words of spirit as they understand and over see our evolution and progress out of the darkness we are currently still in, but we are also emerging victoriously out from.