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See Foot Note At Bottom

What is Redemption, it is a process that recaptures your identity and Sovereign status back from the federal and state governments, in this simple process One begins to recognize the control, the enslavement, and the present program that is in operation, whereby the individual can begin upon a path of....liberation?

In the movie MATRIX, the ONE, played by Keanu Reeves, was given the opportunity to decide if he wanted to proceed to find out the truth, as to what the Matrix really is. His opportunity was presented by his choice of selecting a particular pill, if he decided to go forward, the other should he decided not to, therein, he was to retreat out through the door, back to the reality that he was accustom to. He made the biggest decision of his life, to go forward, to find out the truth.....What the Matrix is. He wanted to know the truth. Do you want to know the truth?

In the freedom movement, many have sought the same thing. Many have fought the 'system', only to succumb to the tyrannical power of the government beast. Many have lost property, a job, home and family, in standing up for what he or she believed in. Many have fought the supposed mis-application of the laws and statutes to no avail! The 'government agents' don't want to see the facts or hear the truth!

Were they wrong, Patriotic, or wacko? Or did they just lack the 'standing' to raise the issues? Did they ever acquire their rights in the first place?  Do they/you really have rights and property rights?  When did you acquire your rights?  What proof do you have that you did? When did you ever see a judge protect some ones so-called secured Constitutional rights?  Why doesn't the State protect and enforce your 'secured' rights?  Since the Constitution doesn't apply to you, I guess you can figure it out!

The time, energy and so called money, cannot be calculated that has been expended (and it continues)  to research out the truth, uncover the fraud, address the wrongs committed by 'agents' of the government and apply the means to correct the obvious 'Constitutional' problems. The 'corrective' process really never works as it was intended. The political process 'today' is just a distraction while the servitude and the fraud continues. Then they wonder why people have given up hope with 'law makers and don't vote!'  But, were speaking primarily here of the courts. They are an adversarial, martial rule, revenue-collecting arm of the government corporation (agent of England!)  In their realm, you have no rights or standing to bring the claim! Is this why they always impose a court appointed attorney on you?  Is it  because since you have no rights, you must be re-presented before the court by one of their 'officers'.  They treat you like a peon and then you lose your case?  It happens more often than not across America.

Is it possible that the 'government' in general, as part of their agenda, failed as public servants to give FULL DISCLOSURE as to what the real 'program' is in America. Well, of course. You just don't expose the 'plan' to your enemy or your slaves! That 'program' is called the "system", or for those movie buffs, code-named : Matrix! (perhaps you've seen the movie)

Maybe they gave FULL DISCLOSURE, but we never recognized it!  However, Black's Law, 6th Edition has been dubbed the law dictionary of 'Full Disclosure!'  Many definitions involve and reference the Uniform Commercial Code (i.e., the bankruptcy and banking transactions).

Most readers of the American's Bulletin are quite aware of the fact that the United States went bankrupt in 1933.  However, the problem goes way back.  But let's just go back to the civil war times. At that time period, the supposed act of freeing the slaves was not entirely new. Nor was the civil war fought just over the slaves.  The North won the war, and the Black people were supposedly freed!  In reality, the federal government had just acquired 'new property', but had no way to regulate or tax them! See the 14th Amendment.

At that time period, the Marriage License and Birth Certificate came about, primarily to be applied only to the Black people.  The marriages, births and deaths of the white people were primarily recorded in their family bible. However, over time, those 'instruments' were used on all the people and became accepted as proper, because the 'State' said so!

But now, it's been 138 years of dis-information and lies pertaining to America.  The national banking fraud of Hamilton, the removal of the substance of the Nation's money (gold and silver) the National Bankruptcy, the introduction of private money script of the Federal Reserve, the assassination of JFK, the Erie decision, the creation of the Uniform Commercial Code (adopted by all the States in 1964).  And a host of 'other' events that certainly, you've not been fully disclosed of.  All these things affect and deal with your rights, abilities, status, etc., as applied to what we've been conditioned to accept as true, as taught in government schools!  These events, if you did not notice, primarily dealt with the monetary scheme(s) that have been perpetuated against the American people to their economic detriment!

The slaves reality in the TV movie Roots, was shown to be exactly as 'they' perceived it.  But that's all they knew.  It was only after one would escape, that one would discover the real truth. The real reality!  But did they find freedom?  What reality has been created by your government controlled society?  Is the 'fiction' the reality or the reality the 'fiction'?  And which one do you believe your in?

In the July/August (Summer Edition) of the American's Bulletin, page 12, appeared an introductory article about Redemption, written by Sam Davis.  Therein, he went into the aspect of the 'Birth Certificates'.  He wrote, "In 1936, with the advent of Social Security, the government of the United States (corporate), began to place each and every Birth Certificate in the Department of Commerce as a 'registered security'!  Each SS# issued has been eventually matched up to said Birth Certificate, and a pledge of each Certificate has been made in the amount of $630,000.00!  This is a result of HJR-192, the bankruptcy of the country, and the discharge of all debts dollar for dollar.  This pledge of money on the 'public' side of the account is what we all use today in the form of Federal Reserve Notes!  We pay taxes on the interest (usury, unjust weights and measures) and everything we own, or ever will own is collateral, including our bodies and our children!!"

A little hard to swallow, or yet, even understand.  We'll try to explain!

In 1933 the federal corporation went bankrupt.  The corporation, in order to continue (survive) had to put into place the means to fund the operation of the U.S. government corporation.  While at the same time, the government continues to tell the American people that all was well, good economy etc.  Since before that time, the government had already been dealing with commercial instruments, and they intended the Birth Certificate to be that 'other' commercial instrument, via their pledge to maintain the corporation and support the bankruptcy.  Ask yourself the question, does your car title have value?  What about your Deed of Trust?  They're just pieces  of paper ... aren't they?

What if you owned 1000 head of cattle, would they have value?  Could you create some sort of 'Title' receipt to the cattle (chattel?), develop a value in dollars to the amount of cattle (market value!), then go to the bank and seek a loan on the 'value' expressed on paper (your title/commercial instrument!).  Well certainly!  That kind of a transaction happens everyday in America.  As stated at one of the Redemption seminars, money is created by your signature! Keep in mind, if you owned those cattle, you could sell any number of them or shoot one!

But now, you've just been informed that a 'your' government created a commercial instrument, attached a value to it (declared it valuable) and as a commercial instrument, has sold them to raise what we call money, to fund their financial corporate appetite.  Black or white, you are chattel property (subject property of the State!) and that includes your children!  In America, children are called 'wards' of the State.  'Ward' means 'property'!  Get the point?  Now you know why the State can come into your home and take the children away!  And you thought you lived in a free country!

As 'subject property of the State', you own nothing!  No rights, just privileges, i.e.,_ The ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called "ownership" is only by virtue of government, i.e., law amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance (permit, license, etc.) with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State."  (Senate Document no. 43, 73 Congress, 1st Session) (as referenced in the Redemption book)  Did your congressman explain that to you?  Now you know why the State compels licenses.  A license is permission to do that which otherwise is illegal.  Illegal for whom?  Well, for those who are subjects!  Certainly not for those who were to live in a free country, those who were to have rights secured by a Constitution?  But if you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell!

But back to the birth certificates and similar 'instruments'.  Have you ever given any thought to where the State keeps these 'instruments'?  Every county has one.  So count the counties in your State and that's how many 'warehouses' are in the State to house those instruments and many others, along with the States' main 'Vital Statistics Office'.  Remember, those 'instruments' are 'vital' and very valuable!

If you remember back, the name was changed on the welfare office windows and walls to HUMAN RESOURCE Office!  Are they telling you something, people?!  You're just a resource!  Your children are just a resource!  The children are identified, numbered, thumb- printed and certified (birth certificate).  But, hey!  They've got to protect the children (or is it chattel?!)  But it is the mother who signs the paperwork at the hospital that gives life to the Straw man and surrenders the 'child' to the State!  Also, the State marriage license allows the State to be a party to that 'union'!  Makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?!

By the creation of these instruments, what your government created was a Trust-corporation, and it was identified by your name, most often spelled in upper case letters. It's also known as the Nom de Guerre or war name!  That Trust-corporation is called a straw man and is a 'Front'. Just look at your driver's license to see the 'straw man' identified there!  That's not really you! That's not your real name!

What the government really did to promote the general welfare and support the bankruptcy, was to compel privileges upon the people by and through their (your) straw man.  It has been documented that as it pertains to rights (right to travel, marry, to work, IRS taxes, etc.), these things DO NOT APPLY AND NO LAW EXISTS TO PROVE THAT THEY APPLY TO YOU, A NATURAL MAN OR WOMAN! These are PRIVILEGES compelled on your Strawman!  Many believe that they have God-given Rights.  Evidently, not in a corporate fiction! But, the government by and through all of their various agencies are coming to your straw man to compel the privileges and to collect the revenue (re-venue the funds), fines, fees, and taxes, etc., to support their bankruptcy/corporation.

Except in this situation, the straw man is 'owned' by the government.  The government owns you and the State owns all of your property.  TALK ABOUT TEAM WORK!  That's why, in the 'Right to Travel" issue, the State can compel the license, insurance and registration. Why?  For one, it's their car and they own the strawman.  By and through their agent (car dealer and DMV), when you register your car, you surrender ownership to the State!  And you thought you 'owned your car', and lived in a free country!

We've touched on the Birth Certificates, the children, the Strawman, and ownership of property. The same applies to land, car, home, boat, airplane, your VCR and even your dog!  If the government can tax it or take it away, then it's their property!  Have you paid your 'use' taxes? Need a TUMS?

But then came REDEMPTION!  A program that has been associated to a type of 'jubilee'. The definition of Redemption is, "The deliverance from the power of alien dominion and the enjoyment of the resultant freedom." --(Zondervan's Pictorial Encyclopedia of the bible).

Alien dominion?  Well 'Alien' means foreign or strange, and dominion means "a country under  a particular government"...

Would this not apply in a land where the Constitution has been set aside, where a bankruptcy has altered the form of law?  Where the substance has been removed from the money, where only credit circulates as 'money'!?  Where the people have been declared 'enemies of the State', and where the State owns everything!  No rights, just privileges!  Sounds 'Alien" to me! Certainly not like the America, we were taught in school to respect and love. More dis-information?

Redemption could be called the program to 'deal' with this alien form of a foreign quasi-military bankrupt corporate government operating under the UCC, as it is being foisted upon you the reader!

However, keep in mind, this program is not for everyone.  For the State (corporations) must have persons (slaves) to manipulate and control.  Many will remain enslaved due to the brainwashing and not understanding the issues of freedom and the economic fraud that has taken place in a land called America!

The Redemption program is a bit unusual, strange, and even scary, especially to those long entrenched in the Patriot/Freedom movement.  And wouldn't it be, if now you needed/wanted that driver's license, SS card, 1040's forms, and any other 'presentments' etc.  Because now, the fighting is over! You can now 'Accept it for value'!  Now there's no controversy!

Example, the dreaded IRS/1040 INCOME TAX!  We know that the 'government' cannot produce the law or federal statute that would certainly prove that you, the flesh and blood man (or woman) owes the tax.  We can only presume that the Redemption information is on point and correct, in that it is to the Straw man that the tax is being laid against.  (The Straw man is a government creation).  The tax applies to corporate entities.  As stated by the 'Informer' in his 7 page primer entitled "PERSON and TAXES", "Knowing what to look for and knowing it is business, you have to go to the 1909 Corporation Tax Act to see that all income taxes are taxes on corporations and not on people in their natural physical state, but in their artificial state". Artificial state = Straw man!  Now do you understand?

But, now with the Redemption program in place, even tax protesters and others can pay (discharge!) all their taxes, back taxes as well!  And at the same time, reduce the National Debt, dollar for dollar!  Now, that's really 'paying' your fair share as a responsible American!
You having NOW the standing and capacity to do so! There are reports and documentation that federal taxes have been discharged, in one case for two years of taxes at around $17,000.00!  Another tax bill discharged up to $400,000.00!  In both cases, the IRS said 'Thank you, your balance is zero".  And it's happening for others as well.

There are reports that people have paid their child support payments in one sum lot.  In one case, the 'X' said that she was also receiving a $400 check from the Treasury!

One gentleman just paid off his mortgage (over $1 Million) and a foreclosure was stopped and the house bought back.

Automobiles have been purchased and property has been removed from the taxing scheme at the county level, re; truly allodial land!  And as applied to the allodial land issue, Redemption, as it appears, can reinstate the 'legacy' of 'absolute' land ownership back to the family for future generations...not in the hands of the State!

Yes, it can be said that REDEMPTION changes everything!  There's no more fighting the system!

The principle is "Agree with thy adversary!"  If you agree, then there's no conflict.  If you 'accept for value' the presentment, the claim, the tax, etc., then you've accepted it.  No controversy!  Your de-facto government by and through your 'employees' merely want THE
PAYMENT!  Do you care what form it is in?  If it is only credit, then so be it.  As long as they accept it (as a money payment) and zero out the account, that's all that matters.

Now, due to Redemption, you can certainly pay that debt, the tax, the fines and fees, etc.! And again, not a penny out of your pocket except for postage!  What you need to understand is that there is no money in circulation!  Even the Federal Reserve states that "a federal reserve note has no value as a commodity, it's just a piece of paper!"  Gee, just paper!  You mean like your car title, warranty deed, promissory note, stock certificates...birth certificates and the like? Who established the value?  What did they back the value in?  More credit?

Remember, all that is utilized is 'credit'.  When you write out a check, there's no money in your account.  It's just an electronic entry; just numbers and zeros; No cash, no gold or silver...just good' ol America credit.

As to the 'court' side of the information (the 3 questions and 1 statement), it has been reported, that when done properly, judges run from the courtroom!  Seems that no one really has a claim against you and the court would rather you just leave!

The Redemption program is in many ways hard to believe.  But one thing that you need to understand is, that it is the Straw man that all the fines, fees and taxes are laid against.  It is the Straw man that some 'claim' is filed upon.  But that 'entity' is artificial!  Again, it is not you!

By and through the Redemption 'program' you take control (ownership) of your Trust-corporation /Straw man by filing a UCC-1 into your Secretary of States office.  You get a new Social Security card (same number) for your Straw man and make your initial deposit of your Birth Certificate (at $1,000,000.00) into Treasury Direct Account.  Now you are ready to deal with all those fines, fees, taxes, complaints1040's and any and all presentments from 'your' government servants.  But first, you must fully understand the process of the transactions and how and why they work.

It is the opinion of this writer; that one who does the initial steps and understands the 'process' has just been elevated up to the level of State governments and Banks.  For you will hold in your hand the power to do the transactions via the Treasury, in a more perfected quasi-sovereign capacity!  That's a lot of responsibility!  Therefore, you had better respect the process and do it right.  You still must do your own research and study.  The concept, the principles and the information is available.  But there is much work to do.

This program as stated "is a work in progress".  Many people are involved in the continued application of the various aspects of this program.  And although this program has not in any way been touted as 100% error free and 'perfect', exciting things have occurred.  But there is much work to be done!

However, as stated before, this program is not for everyone.  If all you want is just a new truck, then you do not understand the dynamics of Redemption, and thus, this program might not be for you.

The 'Beginning Set Up' is vital and must be done.  If someone is helping you or teaching in any manner that you do not need to do it to do the first steps, you had better run from that 'agent' as fast as you can before you find yourself in jail!  We understand that it may already be happening! Do it right the first time!  Understand what you are doing!  Do not let your 'greed genes'  take over your appropriate approach to Redemption.  If you do not understand what to do, don't do anything until you know what to do!

The question has been asked, "What can the government do to stop Redemption?"  The presumption is they can't stop it.  However, knowing what 'government' has done in the past to the American people (and the country), and continues to do, don't put it past them to do anything necessary to stop it.  Their absolute control over the lives, property, revenue and energy of the American people is at stake!  Bill Clinton has well over 60 bodies behind him (strange Arkansides) to maintain the silence as to his acts of fraud and treason!

It was Thomas Jefferson who said something to the effect that the American people are ignorant of 'banking, bills, notes and checks'.  Boy was he right!  As we now apply, the Redemption 'equation' into our quasi-National problems (and fraud) perpetuated by 'our' government servants, we can now grasp the whole picture, and it ain't pretty!

It's now time for a lot of good men, to be all that they can be.  To understand and help perfect REDEMPTION!  To continue the needed study, research and application of what we've covered above, if not for America, then for the right that your children can live free...far from the current bondage that they are in today!  Again, a challenge is now before YOU!  Are you ready?

Foot Note by J. C.

Today Money has become a disease, when money started out it was a convenience of trade that was good for all. Today money has become such a means of control and deprivation it is staggering to the mind once we understand how it has mutated to this form of controlling energy. As we understand from the spiritual aspects of money it is just energy and rightly so as energy it is good. However today this energy is in the hands of some very dark people that wish to do nothing but take your energy from you. Money is used to force everything and everyone into being controlled by others namely by the banks and governments. Money has become so ingrained in us as a need to have for everything from daily needs to wants and desires. The systems use this energy of money simply for control and they do not want to let you out of that control because they like the power taking they derive from money. Money has this power because we give our energy to it when we believe in it. As we give our belief in money to this money, we are giving our own personal power away to something other than ourselves. This power builds into something great because of so many putting so much energy into it. This energy can then be used by the ones in control of the money (by force that is) to use the energy in it for any purpose they choose. We allow this because the systems say we have to use money in order to exist. Is this right? Absolutely Not. When did God come to man and say he created money and he wants us to use it so others can take control of it and manipulate everything and everyone else against the free will given to us by God?


The process spoken of in this letter of redemption is what is known as paying off debts with a bond. This bond costs you approx $15.00 each to create and issue for any amount of money you need. This process has been working for everyone that follows the instruction correctly to issue a bond. Your coach will walk you thru the process. A bond to discharge a debt is a form of taking your power back and easing your life from the burdens of debt.


"Was HJR-192 repealed?"

Here is a great article on House Joint Resolution 192, which is nothing more than a resolution, and "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112" in the "Statutes at Large", which is Public Law. Bascially, the HJR-192 is not the remedy, however, "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112" is!

Side note: According to gpoaccess.gov: "The United States Statutes at Large, typically referred to as the Statutes at Large, is the permanent collection of all laws and resolutions enacted during each session of Congress. The Statutes at Large is prepared and published by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR), National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Every public and private law passed by Congress is published in the Statutes at Large, in order of the date it was enacted into law."

Was HJR-192 Repealed ?©

An Analysis of the Facts, by: Kevin, of the family: Hines

"Was HJR-192 repealed?" I can't even count the number of times I've had gullible sovereigns asked me this question. They have blindly believed this patriot mythology without thinking it through. That's the problem: sovereigns who are too lazy to do any research or think through a rumor thoroughly before blindly believing anything they hear or read. Stop watching the NFL games on Sunday and start thinking things through!!!

First of all, "HJR-192" is the short name for "House Joint Resolution 192", so let's understand what a "resolution" is. A New Year's resolution applies to you, the one who made it, not to your next door neighbor or anyone else. You're the one who "resolved" to lose weight or quit smoking or exercise more, and your neighbor is not obligated to do what you resolved for yourself. "HJR-192" is strictly a resolution that applies only to the members of Congress (who "resolved" it) and to its subjects. It can be modified at anytime by Congress if they so choose, just as you can modify your New Year's resolution if you so choose.

However, modifying a Public Law is a little different matter. The law in this instance, per the actual "Statutes at Large" books, is identified as: "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112". I went down to the SMU Law Library, found it, and photo-copied it for myself. It contains the very same wording as "HJR-192"; however, one is a resolution and one is a Public Law.

Kevin's Rule #4 - "Always do your own homework. Verify everything. Discern fact from error, truth from lies. Never act based on someone else's claims!"

If I refer to "HJR-192", am I not telling the listener or reader that I am a subject of Congress, and that I am a citizen of the UNITED STATES??? Sorry, but that is the last thing I want to say. I can, however, say that the Federal Government has placed insufficient amounts of lawful money in general circulation, i.e., gold and silver coinage, thus, forcing me to "discharge" my debts with commercial paper, i.e., putting them off to a future point in time, and restricting my obligation as a sovereign to "pay" a debt.

I refer to the Federal Government's obligation to me as: "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112", not "HJR-192". The Federal Government took away my ability to pay a debt with lawful money, but that doesn't make me a subject of Congress or of the Federal Government, and thus, their resolution does not apply to me. However, their obligation to me under their Public Law does apply to me because there is insufficient lawful money in general circulation to meet the needs of the people, which includes me.

When the Federal Government took much of our lawful money out of general circulation in 1933, i.e., gold coins, thus leaving an insufficient amount of lawful money in general circulation to meet the needs of the people, i.e., only silver coins remaining, the Congress was required to give the people a remedy. Public Law: "Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112" is that remedy. It states that the Federal Government will pay my debts, dollar for dollar. Note: It doesn't say that the government will pay for anything I desire to buy (like a car), only that it will pay my legitimate debts.

Most, if not all, of the State Constitutions require the State to pay its debts in gold and silver coin. By taking away a State Government's ability to comply with it's Constitutional mandate of paying its debts in gold and silver coin, the Federal Government involuntarily restricted a State Government's ability to function in a de jure capacity. The de jure States went into suspension after the following four acts were committed: (1) the taking of gold coins out of general circulation in 1933, (2) in 1964, the U. S. Mint ceased minting any more silver coins, (3) in 1968, Silver Certificates could no longer be redeemed for silver, and (4) on August 15, 1971, President Nixon closed the Gold Window, thus stopping the redemption of foreign-held dollars for gold. At that point in time, the U. S. Dollar was backed solely by the full faith and credit of the American people, and the States could no longer function in a de jure capacity while in a state of suspension.

The States went into suspension because the Federal Government involuntarily forced the State to pay its officers, judges, employees, etc. with something other than gold and silver coin, which was required by the State Constitution. This "something other than gold and silver coin" was nothing more than "fiat" money, or script, back by nothing but the labor of the people. Thus, Constitutionally, the States could no longer function in a de jure capacity because it no longer had the ability to pay its debts in the form mandated by its Constitution, i.e., contract with the people.

Since the Federal Government took away the gold coin money in 1933, thus causing the States to suspend operations by preventing them from honoring their obligation to pay their debts in gold and silver coin, then there had to be a remedy. "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112" is the remedy, not just for the States, but also for the sovereign men and women who created the States. Until gold and silver coinage is reinstated in sufficient quantities for general circulation, that remedy cannot be repealed. Congress may have repealed some parts of "HJR-192", or even all of it, because "HJR-192" is merely a resolution for Congress and its subjects. However, the true remedy is provided to the people by Public Law: "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112".

Until the State Governments come out of suspension, by the Federal Government's placing sufficient quantities of lawful money into general circulation, your remedy, pursuant to "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112" cannot be repealed and will continue to be there. The remedy of the subjects/citizens found at "HJR-192" might not be there because their remedy is nothing but a resolution, but the remedy of the sovereign found at Public Law: "Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112" will still be there because a sovereign's remedy is Public Law.

If, as many uninformed sovereigns claim, the promise that the Federal Government will pay your debts, dollar for dollar, is no longer valid, then these sovereigns have no basis for claiming their remedy by using the 1099-OID process for the refund of out-of pocket funds expended to pay their debts. Either (1) you believe that the Federal Government repealed your remedy, and therefore, there is no 1099-OID refund process available to you, or (2) you believe the Government has an obligation to pay your debts, dollar for dollar, and therefore, the 1099-OID process for a refund is your remedy and you can use it to recover the funds you expended to take care of your debt obligations. You can't believe your remedy has been repealed, and then try to claim your remedy by asking for a refund using the 1099-OID process.

Now that you understand the difference between a resolution and a Public Law (and why your remedy was given to you), you may recall how a well-known "patriot attorney" who specializes in tax matters has worked hard to intentionally mislead sovereign men and women into believing that their remedy has been repealed. HOGWASH!!! He's talking about a subject's remedy by resolution, not a sovereign's remedy by Public Law. Please do your homework and think outside the box before disseminating patriot mythology to others, possibly causing them to stumble by your lack of research and knowledge. If you wish to continue arguing this ridiculous allegation without doing your homework, i.e., refusing to spend the time required in studying the monetary system in detail, please do so privately, not on any public forum, so as not to mislead others with such mythology.