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Ignorance Of Mans History

Greetings, My Name Is Joseph

I am the editor and owner of the website www.discharge-debt.com

I have a story that was shared with me that I found interesting and I want to share with you. This story shows us where we as men and women stand in the current evolution of mankind. Nothing in this letter is intended to be a sales letter but rather a wake-up call to us all. I feel we need to stand up and take notice from our busy days and just say HEY WAIT A MINUTE to the system that is keeping us subdued, keeping our focus pointed toward war and issues that have no real relevance on making the world a better place for all, as well as keeping better technology in all areas of life out of our reach etc.

I recently received the attached email from The Sovereign Society Offshore, upon reading the facts presented therein of history it becomes easier to see the ignorance of current man. So many people today feel the same way in that they feel the Government is for the people when in fact they are and have always been totally against the people. Many people visit the discharge-debt website daily and many just keep on searching elsewhere when they learn of the price of our program, or maybe they are seeking without really being ready for the changes they seek.

  • Many want to be rid of their debts but hesitate out of fear of retaliation from the banks or Government.
  • Many are still just living in fear of the Government.
  • Many think that they may be doing something illegal or just wrong if they go against the system, if they were to discharge their debts.
  • Many do not want to be involved with changing the system like our forefathers did; they rather leave that up to someone else. From this the question arises: Who then will take action and make a difference if not us? We live in this world too.
  • Many try to piece the answers together from other websites that offer some free info but nothing is complete. They find themselves in a bad situation after they learn they do not have all the answers or processes to make something work in the legal aspect of a discharge or becoming a Sovereign. Still we are letting the system push us around and dictate to us how we are going to pay and pay into the corrupt system.

I get questions from some asking to bail them out of their situation because they either waited to long to act or they tried to do something without having their ducks in a row etc. Most of them do not have the money to help themselves and many feel that help should be less costly or free because they have already done part of the process. If these people were to go to an attorney for help; first they would get told to leave their office because of what they are doing or they would pay ten times the amount of the process as we can offer.

The answers are simple: We all need to learn and understand that we are the rulers of the system and what we say goes no matter what. We have to learn and understand how to stand up and make a difference. I have written many things on the subject of changes needed to the corrupt system as it is.

  • I have talked of holding an understanding and working from behind the scenes as taught in our Video Book _The Creative Power Of Belief_ and have suggested additional training materials found elsewhere.  
  • I have talked about standing on the front lines by becoming a Sovereign and/or doing the discharge process to make a difference in your own life.
  • I have spoken of the changing energies of the universe and earth and the evolution of man, which can easily be seen in the attached email story of history. History can give us a perspective on the now that isn_t always clear to us up front.
  • I have spoken about numerology of the New Year of 2007 as a year of endings of the old ways. When there are endings there are always new beginnings.

But still so many just stand in fear and wait for someone else to make a change for them.

Please read the story below and you will understand a little better.



Comment: A Credo for the New Year
Trivia: When was the first New Year's Eve celebrated?

Today's comment is by our Chairman, John Pugsley. In addition to being a best-selling author and long-time hard money advocate, John helped found The Sovereign Society back in 1997.

Dear A-Letter Reader,

As 2007 rings in, individuals everywhere hope this year will finally bring a more peaceful and prosperous world to us all.

In many places, including such countries asAfghanistan, Iraq, and Darfur, peace and prosperity seem further away than ever. And for those in the developed countries, we face the specter of terrorism, inflation, recession, and assortment of other economic and social calamities. But the question remains: will 2007 bring solutions to such problems?

My own thoughts reflect back on history, and life's lessons only learned through history.

Consider, for example, what lessons we might learn from the 14th century. Specifically, that was the time when the black plague swept through Europe. Accounts vary, but somewhere between half and three-quarters of the population died as a result of this dreadful disease. The people lived in terror of succumbing to it. And the major preoccupation was to find a cure.

As we look back we are aghast at their ignorance. Some thought certain odors prevented the plague, so the carried smelling apples on strings around their necks. Some believed the plague was God's method of punishing sinners, so they flagellated themselves with sticks and chains to
atone for their sins. Some thought the plague was carried on the night air, so they closed up their houses and refused to go outside after dark. Some thought the devil brought the plague, so the killed the agents of the devil, witches, and black cats. In fact, they eventually killed almost all the

Their problem, so clear to us now, was ignorance. The only effective remedy for any disease, of course, is to first determine the cause. But they were ignorant of the cause. No one knew of bacillus pestis, the microbe carried in rodent's blood that was transferring the disease to humans
through fleas. We now see clearly that their "remedies" achieved just the opposite of what they hoped. Flagellants subjected themselves to intense pain, and often died. Innocent men, women and children were accused of being witches and were hanged, drowned, or burned at the stake. Killing the cats left the rodents free to multiply, vastly adding to the spread of the plague.

Today we look back in disbelief at their destructive "solutions." And yet in our supposed enlightened world, the vast majority of individuals everywhere are suffering from a plague equally as fearsome, and equally as misunderstood. Most individuals, are, in effect, burning witches and killing cats, in their own well-intentioned determination to solve the panoply of social ills, from inflation, to depression, to war.

Like the citizens of 14th century Europe, most individuals fail to understand the cause of conflict, and fail to identify their adversary. Like people in the 14th century who killed the cats, most people today believe that government is the cure. Here at The Sovereign Society, we believe the opposite: the central cause of the world's economic woes is government itself.

In 1997, ten years ago, The Sovereign Society was conceived by a group of individuals who shared the conviction that peace and prosperity would be optimized when every individual's property is rightfully his or hers to keep, control, and dispose of.

Having witnessed over our lifetimes the relentless expansion of government and the concomitant erosion of individual liberties, it was clear to us that the preponderance of aggression against private property did not come from criminals or from foreign nations, but from citizens' own governments and judicial systems.

As Voltaire summed up the process 240 years ago: "The art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other."

Most still believe government is a protector, and it grows because people believe it will cure the social ills that plague us. In fact, it is the source of our problems. By restricting individual liberty, by preventing individuals from freely producing and exchanging goods and services, and by taxing and inflating, government has become the source of social conflict.

Now in its tenth year, The Sovereign Society has members in two dozen countries around the world. The principles around which the Society was conceived are built into its Credo:

*THAT individual liberty is the highest good in any society *THAT every individual has the natural right to keep, control, and dispose of his or her justly acquired property *THAT individuals are not the property of the government of the political jurisdiction in which they are born or reside *THAT individuals are sovereign unto themselves *THAT to whatever extent government interferes with the free exchange of goods or confiscates the property of citizens, it
reduces the wealth of the nation *THAT when government takes from one to bestow on another, it diminishes the incentive of the first, the integrity of the second, and the moral authority of government *THAT it is the right and responsibility every individual to defend his or her justly-acquired property from unjust and arbitrary seizure, expropriation, and taxation
*THAT the goal of The Sovereign Society is to encourage and help individuals achieve and maintain individual sovereignty over their own lives and assets

If individuals can successfully defend themselves and their assets from being plundered, they expand the pool of investment capital on which a society depends for progress, encourage production, stimulate saving, and increase the standard of living for all. Simultaneously, by depriving governments and legal predators of resources, some who might be attracted to plunder are attracted instead to productive enterprises, increasing the standard of living for all.

This new year is just one more chance for you to fight this oppression and show others the way to a freer, more moral society.

On behalf of The Sovereign Society


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Special New Year's Trivia

Where and when was the first New Year's Day in history?

A. Babylon, in 2500 BC
B. Celtic Regions, in 600 BC
C. Egypt, in 51 BC
D. Rome, in 79 BC
E. No one actually knows

Scroll down to the bottom of the A-Letter for the answer!


Further Resources:

Watch The History Channel's Short Film on the History of New Year's

Modern New Year's celebrations all around the world

Special New Year's Sovereign Society teleconference

A: The first New Year's Day dates back to 2500 BC in the city of Babylon.
However, according to The History Channel, this New Year's Day didn't include a celebration. Instead "New Years Day" was just the day when the ancient people concluded all financial ledgers for the year. Apparently financial decisions were important even back then.


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* Bob Bauman, Editor * Kathlyn Von Rohr, Managing Editor
* Eric Roseman, Investment Director * Erika Nolan, Managing Director

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