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Belief Creates Fear and Failure

Date: October 24th 2006

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Belief Creates Fear and Failure


Belief Creates Success and Happiness


When someone believes that something is a threat to the self, he/she then instantly creates the emotion of fear within the self. This emotion then sets things into motion to cause exactly what the man fears based on his belief. Fear is based on the belief of loss in some way of a possession, personal freedom or harm to the physical body. This can however be changed quite easily.


It is first the belief and then the fear that creates all the circumstances that brings the threat to life it even causes the threat to be created against the man long before the threat comes to fruition that eventually does bring the threat against the man. As soon as man alleviates the belief, the fear will then no longer manifest and the man cannot ever be harmed by a threat from outside of the self because he believes in himself to the point that he does not create the situation of threat in the first place. This account does not speak of threats of a physical nature that arise from potential harm to the self due to instant circumstances like a close call while driving or climbing a mountain and slipping on a loose rock etc. This is in direct relation to more of a long-term decision making ability of the mind. This is not to say that it also brings about circumstances of what may seem like being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not also directly related to the belief system of the mind that may bring one to fall off a mountain or have a car accident.


These things discussed here stem from a low self esteem or lack of self worth. Further, they come greatly from mind programming throughout life based on what is taken in from ones surroundings. The mind and subconscious is constantly being programmed and reprogrammed on a daily basis. For a minor example, when a boss or trusted relative makes a derogatory remark about you the self-esteem goes down. Over time, this can bring one to ruin in many areas of life. The rich kid is far more likely to be rich at adulthood even beyond the fact that the parents are rich. It goes to the fact that the child was brought up in a world of beliefs that surrounded the child with opportunity, can do, anything is possible etc type of belief structures from the rich parents and all the programming that came with that life style.


What one believes about oneself is what one creates in ones life weather it be positive or negative about the self.


Beliefs are created by man but are perpetrated by things like the government and others that fear the way things are in life by believing and spreading threats by telling others that something will harm them or cause them a loss of some kind. The minds of men tend to follow this pattern and regenerate the belief in their own mind and thus manifest it in their own life. These are further perpetrated by the rich that are in positions of power over the masses to control the minds through the media and legal systems, like the very rich and powerful banking cartels can do.


Believing in more that what was previously known, that which tends to keep one in limitation, is where the key and the power lies to move out of the old ways of thinking and rise above those old beliefs that create limitations based on what the old belief was. The key of freedom actually lies within itself. This translates to turning inward to see what one believes and thus to unlock ones path of understanding that will allow one to rise out of the old limitations of the previous beliefs. A newfound understanding will bring power and opportunity to the one that has thrown off the old limitations. To rise above your status in life is to free oneself from the old limitations.


  • Man will never be swayed in any course of action when he believes in himself totally.
  • No man can withstand or put down the man who believes in himself or his actions.
  • The barriers of belief can be overcome with a change of mind and determination of commitment to release the old and thus change for the better.
  • Mans self worth is programmed all through life by the many people and situations that cross a mans path, and then man takes what he believes to be his truth from those experiences. This is also know as the many limitations of the ones learned path.
  •  Releasing the old, programming sets one free to rise above ones own internal limitations.
  • Only you can make the changes needed to reform ones life, by first recognizing the need and desire to make the change. Then by recognizing the areas of self that need reform and discard from your beliefs. After that the changes will manifest in many forms and your life will automatically take on a new luster and pattern of experiences.


All of this goes to our mass consciousness of the world. What the masses believe is what manifests the most of in the world. The governments are a direct result of our mass consciousness. The systems are based on so many believing that the government or the banking systems are good and that they are needed to survive. That type of thinking is a cow mentality of pre-programming that is perpetuated by the systems of control. We will not throw off the shackles of government and the corrupt banking systems until we change our beliefs on a scale larger than the current Sovereignty movement is now. Pass this on to as many as you can. Put it into mainstream circulations all over the world. Change is coming one mind at a time but the exponential factor is when this is passed on and understood by hundreds and then thousands and so on.


Author of; Once Upon A Time There Was No Money

Joseph Clark

From www.newenergybooks.com


From www.discharge-debt.com

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