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Our website is where you will find some brief information on what can be done with our program(s) and some brief explanation of some of its processes. Search our website and you will find some of what is secretly being done to society by the corrupt system of government and the banks. There is an enormous amount of hidden things the public just doesn't know about, they are some of the best keept secrets on this planet. However the program itself is what you will need to learn more and make the transitions from a STRAWMAN to a Sovereign, from slave to free living man/woman and to discharge many things in the game of Commerce. For specifics and walk thru help it is required to purchase the program. Please see attached files for additional information and ordering information on our Redemption and Discharge program.


We carry a program on our site that is very complementary to our discharge program. If you have viewed the trailer or purchased the video, the _Creative Power Of Belief Video_<< (found on our site at either of these links >> http://yousef1.1111mb.com), you may have learned from the trailer a little about this and you will or should find it to be a nice enhancement to our Discharge & Redemption program. Even though this program may be seen as a complementary program to the Discharge & Redemption process, it can be used by itself as a stand alone program for enhancement understandings not only to the process of dealing with money and becoming a Sovereign and eliminating your debts, but also as an enhancement tool for creating everyday abundance in ones personal life weather you are discharging any debts or not.


Once you use this new program you will understand better on how it complements and enhances the discharge process. The video is speaking of an energy shift in humanity that is currently underway today. This energy shift is all about a new understanding within humanity where man is no longer satisfied with being a peon to the government and banking powers that be. The system is so corrupt that the system may even be seen to be going against their own laws that supports the Sovereign people or a discharge of a debt. In reality the law is actually written to be on the side of the people. But you must learn how to use the laws in your favor (again use our program) The people are the real Sovereigns as it was originally set up by our founding fathers. When you know how the system works and how to use this game to your advantage you will win before the game starts. Our programs will take you in this direction when you put the right principals to work for you. This must be made clear through the redemption process where you fill out and file certain papers to make your Sovereignty publicly known. Because of the increasing energy shift in humanity the wheels are turning in the favor of the people and it is steadily becoming increasingly harder for the corrupt system to hold its ground as more people use this and other programs to remove the continuing taxation and burdens of the people with finance charges on loans. We the people must continue in ever increasing numbers to make it known that we the people understand the laws of the system and we are going to make good use of them and let the system known it.


Our do it yourself process also holds your hand with the assistance of a personal coach where you learn everything you need to know that other systems do not offer. The people are gaining momentum more rapidly because so many are feeling the unrest within the massive corruption of this system. As more follow processes like this one the faster things will continue to turn in the favor of the people. Remember Rome fell and so will the corrupt system that has enslaved the current world population with mere paper, this paper is known as money. Again the more people that learn and understand the real happenings of such a corrupt system the closer and faster we will all get to freedom.


Upon your decision to use our programs and once payment is received you will get a private email and phone number to your private coach that will walk you thru the Redemption and Sovereign process and get your contract trust set up that will then enable you to discharge debts, handle any tax issues you may have, deal with the system or banks or just set yourself up as a true FREE living Sovereign Citizen.  Note the capitalization a capitol "C" Citizen is the master of the governing systems, this is one who the system was created to protect against corporations, unlike the small "c" citizen who is the servant to the corporate system. I E: The banking, legal and governing systems. You must choose weather you want to be the servant or the MASTER. Use the attached order form, Fill it out and make your payment to the address on the form, when you are ready to take control of your financial matters and become that which you were the moment your were born but lost within a matter of hours just after your birth please let us know.


You can discharge anything in commerce with the correct use of a bond or an international bill of exchange. ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF BEING A FREE LIVING SOVEREIGN.


Questions:  I will be glad to answer specific questions regarding the redemption and discharge process. For specific questions please email me at: jcyousef@gmail.com Also check out our Archive emails at this link http://www.discharge-debt.com/id172.htm You may find some additional information of interest from our prior emails that have previously been sent to our database list.



Thank You

Joseph C.