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Powerful New Video Of Interest UPDATE

Date: October 26th 2006

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There is a new VIDEO that rivals the Secrets Video and goes way beyond that video in some new ways.
After viewing it and putting the special information to work I noticed things showing up almost instantly based on the techniques shown in this new video.
The name of the video is "The Creative Power Of Belief", find it at this website. http://www.discharge-debt.com/welcome_to_new_energy_books.htm and then click on the CD Image on the left side of screen, it will take you to the video page.
Check It Out, Pass it around. This will enhance a lot of areas for all those people doing debt elimination, however its not just about that, it is a video for everyone and it will improve the quality of life for everyone in all other areas of life for everyone wanting something more out of life.
This video is not real high quality but the message and teachings it provides has a real power that changes everything. I can't tell you in this email what it is because I would not be able to convey it properly in short or do so in a manner that you would be able to understand and then use the returning ancient lost ability that is given in the video. You have to watch it yourself to understand what its all about and get the full energy of the techniques and power of this COOL video. Its really worth checking out.

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