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What do we really know about our own thoughts and energy fields that are constantly projected by our thoughts and actions.

Well the answer to this is:


As more people join into the mindset of change in our way of life on earth the wider it will spread and the stronger the light of change will be. In contrast to this it will become increasingly harder for the dork forces to prevail over the people. This is evidenced by the fact that our current american Government is on the brink of collaps, it is still holding on but it is only a matter of time before the first domino falls over. After that we will see great changes coming swiftly in American and then all over the rest of the world.

Here is todays channel fron Saint Germain to support this happening and this is also a confirmation of our inner light, thoughts and intent to see the dark forces vanquished from earth. P.S. The dark are the ones in power behind the scenes, which also means the hidden ones that are not on the front lines of the governing or legal systems, no I mean the ones that pull the strings of the up front puppets.

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This channel and other information can be found here http://www.discharge-debt.com/id139.htm There are also other links that can be found on this page to more uplifting information like the text below

St. Germain  18-April-06


What started out as a great energy for change in America has rippled out and the phenomenon has become world wide. As you will have noted recently, there have been many demonstrations against ruling parties in various countries.. There is a mood growing that spells disaster for those who oppose it, as an energy created must follow its natural course to manifestation. This time has been coming slowly but surely, as more and more people have awoken to the path that the dark forces have planned for Earth and Humanity, Now the people are exercising their own mighty power and it is engulfing the dark.


Unavoidable outbursts of an emotional nature will inevitably lead to some form of aggression against those in power. We would wish that it could be averted, but sometimes it happens as an outlet for pent up energy. Almost on a daily basis the changes are coming thick and fast, and we see a great exposure bringing out the truth. Now its momentum has started it cannot be stopped, and those who have hidden their dark activities behind a cloak of respectability are being revealed for their true colors.


Right now the pressure is becoming unbearable upon your Government, who are being attacked from all sides. They are in retreat and clinging to power, using whatever means they can to do so. It will be to no avail as their time is all but finished, and they are presently trying to brush off the demands of the retired Generals for the removal of Rumsfeld. These type of situations will persist and will grow in intensity the longer it goes on. Of course it goes deeper, as they know people are taking full notice of what has been said about the incompetence and covert actions of your leaders. The Government are now like a pack of cards waiting to fall, and once they start there will no stopping until all of them are removed.


Dear Ones, the Light has never been stronger, and continues to grow and it will strengthen the hand of anyone who is prepared to step forward and take action. We do not however advocate violence in any form and never will, as when you have right on your side it is unnecessary. You have progressed so far through the words of truth that have shown up the devious plans and heinous actions of the Illuminati. If you ever needed proof that these are the end times, you are now witnessing the final thrust. As one energy looses its power, another is already taking its place.


All of the dedicated work both on and off world that has been shaping the future is becoming apparent. The movement against the old ways of working and the erosion of your rights is no longer acceptable. This has indeed has been the challenge, to see whether you would oppose the actions of those who have gradually been making a prison for you out of Earth. Fortunately the changes in your way of thinking have allowed you to understand how the dark operate. You have realized that it is only you that can take back your sovereignty, but once you act we can follow with our help. What you have achieved so far has ensured that the plans for the end time will work out, and the Light will acclaim its victory. You may not view it as a war, but it has been one monumental battle for the control of your souls and therefore your destiny.


Looking at the larger picture you may be assured that nothing will now stop the changes from fully manifesting. You have some very interesting and exciting months ahead, but for the moment must concentrate on the task in hand to remove your Government. It is taking some brave souls to stand up to the dark, and at some risk to themselves. However, it is at such times

that your heroes come forward and take a lead that others can follow. Know for certain that wonderful souls of Light have incarnated into this period of time specifically to take part in these events. They need all of your support, and you know by now that they certainly have ours.


Meantime the prospect of First Contact advances ever nearer, and if any were previously in doubt about its purpose it should by now have become apparent how essential its benefits are to everyone. You need as you would term it _a quick fix_ and there is so much to attend to that is a matter of urgency. Mother Earth patiently waits for help, and has held back her own ways of creating the necessary changes to Earth. It would certainly be best that they are co-ordinated through The Galactic Federation teams, and you too can be party to them, and together we can ensure the least inconvenience. The plans are already waiting to be implemented and will rapidly restore Earth to its former beauty. Once in our control, the degree of personal loss and damage from the changes will be minimal. We shall all play our part in a wonderful show of co-operation with you, and how with the right leadership that Humanity can work together. The Will is already there, and soon there will also be the opportunity.


As Easter slips away so I can tell you that your prayers and thoughts calling for peace reached a new zenith, and know that they are being answered. Peace is all but here, and one of the first actions of The Galactic Federation will be to put an immediate stop to all wars. They can still the weapons of war and they will therefore collapse, as they will no longer be able to continue.


I am St. Germain and I must congratulate the Lightworkers for bringing more pressure to bear upon the dark. They are creating a path that others follow and have earnt their trust through integrity and loyalty to the Light. Many now accept that major changes are necessary, and even if they cannot see the whole picture they have sufficient knowledge to grasp what important times these are for everyone. I tell you that through the whole of this last cycle this immediate period will be the peak of your experiences, and it will uplift you as it is the final piece that lifts your vibration onto the higher levels. From there it is only one way forward, ever more reaching into the Light and leaving the dark behind never to return to the lower levels. Let us all take the peace and love generated through the Easter celebrations with us and not let it ebb away, but maintain its ability to uplift all around us. I thank you all for your contributions, as each one is as important as the other. Let your Love shine out forever.


Thank you St. Germain.


By Mike Quinsey.