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Facts of Mans Law Under GODS Law.

None of the disinformation sites put out by the various government agencies talk about the facts of law in there own system that anyone can expatriate out of the US systems and repatriate back into any other nation or system they choose. This means to be Sovereign in any way you choose weather it be a member of another Sovereign nation or just a free man/woman in your own right. If they do not recognize the other system or the fact that someone is bidding that system of corruption goodbye then they are the ones that are not honoring our God given unalienable right of free will to do as one pleases. It is their heads on the block against GODS LAWS. Mans laws are not authorized by God in any way shape or form. Go to this address and read what has been told about the first contact from a source not of this world that will be here soon and then the shit will hit the fan for all the control deceit and force that is in place now on earth that GOD did not create or authorize for man to live under. http://www.discharge-debt.com/id139.htm

Do you think all the issues we face today were written on the 10 commandments? NO absolutely not. We are free men and women, if we do not like the system we can leave it at any time for any reason and that is even written in the constitution of the United States. Almost no one knows this but the Constitution was written by some very spiritual men. Most of which either were members of the free masons or practiced some form of spiritual beliefs that were other than that of the churches of the time. I have personally heard the higher realms state that they had a great deal to do with the writing of the Constitution through the hands of the human writers at the time of planning and writing the Constitution. Their intent was to make this country free and the inhabitants of the country free as well by limiting the powers of government and the lawmakers. They knew very well from experience that even a little power corrupts the minds of most men. This is very evident today in the way we see so many paying a fine or going to jail for a wide variety of reasons from taxes to spitting on the sidewalk to just traveling down the road at a pace faster than one man (A COP) determined that he shouldn't. WHY is this so? Because the system has successfully circumvented the Constitution and thrown it out completely form the legal systems. They operate under contract law only. For you to be subject to this contract law you only need to be ignorant of the system and how it operates. When you accept anything from the state or federal government you fall into an invisible contract where they assume you to be subject to their codes. However, these codes are nothing more than a dress code just like at any employer. When you are not an employee of that company you do not have to follow the dress code for any reason. The truth is setting us all free from the oppression and control they wish to impose on us against our free will rights given to us by GOD. God has never given them any special power or authority to judge anyone except themselves. Free Will Look it up here: http://www.discharge-debt.com/id137.htm
You have to remember that they (the system) have tricked us all at birth by requiring a birth certificate, which is a contract in secrecy, which is by their own laws illegal to do under UCC codes. You and I live in a world of fear and deceit in such a wide range of forms that it is hard to see the forest thru the trees. We are deep in the middle of it and are fighting to get out. That system does not want you to escape because you are worth millions to them under all the contracts they have sold against your STRAWMAN name. If you get out, they loose money. Think about things in that light, and remember the disinformation will seem as though they have control and that what they say is the only way things can be.  Whenever someone brings up the constitution in court they are either shot down or even jailed for doing so, WHY, because they do not operate under the original constitution at all, they operate in commerce law and maritime laws that are the laws of the sea, which are laws transferred here from England and the monarch of the British Crown. When you tell the courts that you stand in the kingdom of GOD and under GODS laws only they will try to trick you but if you hold firm along with the fact that they have no jurisdiction over you the living man, who is the fiduciary for the fictional character that they created you will be set free 95% of the time by them dismissing the case. The other 5% is where they trick you into them assuming they actually have jurisdiction over you by saying something that deals with their offer of contract against the fictional character. YOU NEVER say anything about the case in a courtroom.
Since we are all created equal and with a mind of our own to think and decide for ourselves what is best for each one of us, we can be self-governed at all times. As you read from the free will article listed above no one can force there will upon you if it clashes with your choices, that is GODS law of it, and there is no altering that law by man.

There will be a time in the very short future where it is said that a FIRST CONTACT will be initiated from space by several groups that will aid us in restoring our rights and eliminating those that are so deeply into the control of other men and woman. These groups will be either removing those, that cant see the light or they will retrain their minds to begin to see that free will is an equal thing and that they have never been given any special abilities to judge others as they please. I understand the likelihood is to just remove them from the planet so the rest of us can relax and live under GODS law and continue our intended path of evolution into the new millennium. The system will argue with you and even try to jail you if you take the law into your own hands. NOW if we are all equal in free will then who says they can take the law into their hands, who says they can take GODS law into their hands and then alter it to suit their desires and then force that upon anyone that disagrees with that law that was then actually made up by them. You see it is all quite simple if we are all equal then they can no more make laws to control us than we can make laws to control them or to control GOD for that matter. When we look at the animal kingdom, we see the animals living in symmetry with each other in terms of control. They do not force anything on each other or upon other species of animals. They all live in the same world and many in the same territory without any such force of control. The do however take from the other animals the food they require to exist but that is the nature of survival that was planned by God in order to maintain existence. Our ways are not so because we can make decision based on a rational way of thinking, which many animals lack.


They are waiting for the consciousness of earth to be wide spread enough and at the right level of understanding where we no longer accept the control of the dark ones that have infiltrated the minds of the week and corrupt. Those men are the law makes and politicians and also the cops/public servants of all different agencies that do what their superiors tell them without question. This will happen without fail but the time frame is up to us.

Would you rather see this now in your lifetime?
Or maybe you would rather wait for your children to do it in their lifetime?

I for one want it now.

It appears that I am one of the many that I have been assigned the task of teaching others of their proper place in the grand scheme of things as is decreed by the higher realms of GOD.