Recent Law Passed
As of May 2005 congress has passed a new law that will convert all State ID cards and drivers licenses nationwide into one national ID card for every state.
This means there will be a great deal more identity theft and selling of identity and personal information in a whole new way, and a lot less personal privacy.

The new cards will have your Drivers License, SS numbers, Street Address, Employment, Bank Account Information and more about you all encoded on this new card. Because of this any store that scans your new card will be able to gather and sell your personal information to any one that will buy it. This means that the company that scans and all they sell the info to will be sending your junk mail for all sorts of items you may have no interest in buying.

This also means that any state can scan your card and instantly add you to their database for future tracking or whatever?? then choose to use it for. This is an outrage of privacy in all its forms. Do you want this??

There is a way to get out of this form but it entails some changes in your life style. That change requires you to become a Sovereign and then also applying for an Apostile ID that is separate from the national ID cards. To learn more about becoming a Sovereign CLICK HERE.