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How It Works
In the Redemption program, you can discharge debts of many sorts and become the Sovereign you are meant to be, which is the ruler of your world rather than be the slave of another's world. I.E. The Government. A Sovereign is free to do as one pleases without causing harm to another living man or woman. The legal system has no more jurisdiction or control over you. To explain this better go HERE Also HERE and again HERE

The process is really quite simple
First, you have to fill out and file several documents such as a UCC1 and the attaching addendum with the secretary of state. Then fill out and file a security agreement between the living man or woman and the fictional character, then a POA Power Of Attorney needs to be filed with the county recorder along with a Copyright on the fictional name that sounds like your name but is spelled in all capitol letters like JOHN DOE. After these are done and you have your UCC1 back from the secretary of state, you need to open your contract trust with the United States Treasury, which requires your UCC1 filing number. Then you file the forms provided with the secretary of the United States treasury to complete the process of setting up your contract trust account.

At this point, you are done and can then discharge debts and judgments with your bonds that you can print on your computer at the cost of the paper and ink it takes to print them.

This process is carefully checked by your personal coach whom you will email your filled out papers to before you mail them out to the appropriate offices as needed. This checking ensures that you get it right the first time and eliminates costly errors and time.

You may be asking how can I make a bond for so little money. The answer is that you are not really doing it that way, instead you are taking advantage of the fact that the INCORPORATED UNITED STATES is bankrupt and under the terms of that bankruptcy the UNITED STATES is required to pay all your debts because there really is no lawful money after 1933 when president Roosevelt took away the gold standard.

What you are doing with the bonding of debts process is sending an I.O.U. to the finance company or court etc.. This is a complex process in law but to this simply, this tells them that the UNITED STATES must by law of the bankruptcy pay your debts, when they redeem those bonds it reduces the national deficit by the amount of the bond. Paying a debt with debt instruments (I.E. Federal Reserve Notes) is like running a car on gas, which pollutes the air, but a bond is like running the same car on hydrogen, which actually cleans the dirty air it draws into the motor. You are killing two birds with one stone with a bond, first you are eliminating your debts and second you are reducing the national deficit.

This program works best with unsecured debt like credit cards. Depending on the bank, it may produce a negative mark on your credit reports that will need to be removed by one of the credit repair programs available on the Internet. One such program is available on this site HERE

Bonds have been used to discharge debts for many reasons and in many situations, among them, it is personally known that bonds have been used to discharge the following debts:

RV loan ( A Secured Loan)
Traffic Tickets
Past Due Mortgage Payment
Credit Card Debt
Court Judgment on a Law Suit
And many more by others using this program

These programs work if followed to the letter, however more research is always being done to improve the effectives of a standing program. Your input and help in this area is what makes these programs evolve into a better form for those that will follow.