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This site is dedicated to teaching you about system Corruption,
Sovereignty and Discharging of Debts with more than 300 pages to search.
There are four levels of education if you choose to research and learn a great deal more from this site.
Visit each level to see a page tree accross the top of each level, or search the entire site for exactly what you are looking for.

We Offer a Program To Eliminate Your Debts, and to take back your God given rights and identity from the
Government that took it from you in secret by unlawful & unethical means.
This secret Government created and presumed identity puts you into servitude to the system.


Our Debt Elimination Program Allows You To Discharge Your Debts by BOND, AFV or by Money Order,
in a matter of months for little more than the cost of the program.
Discharging by bond is done by setting up a contract trust account with the correct
agencies and then issuing the bonds to the lenders you supposedly hold a debt with.

With other programs you are told your debts should be $5000 or above for those programs to save you money.
This program can be used by anyone with any amount of debt with a Bank, IRS, Courts or Government for only $1500.
When you know the ins and outs of debts you can confidently discharge your own debts.
Our materials teach you the laws and the fraud of the banking system. Forms and instructions are supplied.

It is amazing how many come to sites like this one and then do nothing to actually help themselves, they do not purchase anything from anywhere. Instead, they just keep looking and mistrusting what they find and ultimately end up loosing to the corruptions of the system.

People do not actually want to help themselves; they want some magic pill to make it all go away, that pill does not exist. So often I here people say they have been ripped off by so and so debt elimination that just disappeared after a few months of work on their situation. I must ask why would you let someone else do this for you? When learning how and why the system is doing what it does to you, we can give you all the ammo you will need to throw off their aggressions toward you. Someone else that you hired is not on the front line YOU ARE, they have nothing at stake to loose. It takes an understanding and some willingness to throw off the shackles of the banks and the corrupt system of oppression we have all been raised in. Freedom comes only after we stand up and throw off the aggressors who want to control us and take our money, while they live and laugh in luxury at our hard earned expense. The founding fathers had no such pill; they had to stand up against their attackers from England before the Constitution was signed making this country free from the British Crown.

The people of this and other countries do not understand the workings of high finance the way the system does because the system is the one creating the high finance that is being used against us. They sell bonds on the international market against your SS# and your future labors to name only two ways they have enslaved you. The system creates these things behind our backs in secrecy and they make trillions from selling our signatures and labors. We are slaves to this. NOW lets reverse this a bit, WHO says what they do is legal??? WE ARE THE PEOPLE NOT THEM. What we say is what makes law not them. They are fictional characters created by us the Sovereign people. We have gone astray and let them get out of control and these fictional characters are now ruling us the Sovereign people. Think about that for a moment, If we the people are the Sovereign and authors of law and they are nothing more than a fictional character that we created then we must be their rulers and we have the power to shut them down at any time. Only the creator can create a sentient being (one with Free Will and the ability to think and choose for oneself).

We are the only ones that can be Sovereign, a fiction cannot ever be Sovereign because it was not created by the supreme creator. It was created by man therefore it must exist beneath it's creator which is US, not them. There is a maxim of law used by the religious groups and the legal systems, which has been handed down for millennia which reads: " That which was created has no authority or jurisdiction over that which created it". So we are the top of the ladder, they are all below us as we have deligated our authority as mankind to control the corporsations so they cannot take advantage of us as their supreme creator. This all started out to si mply protect us from our own creations. Today however it has all backfired and they see us as meat for the taking and enslaving as this fictional system sees fit. You see it's all run by some highly corrupt people that uses us as slaves and we are falling for it all.



THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION          This Site Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Debt Elimination and provide the means to eliminate it. This site may not be for everybody since not all people are ready for the truth that is revealed here and some are not ready to get out of debt and again become the Sovereign they were born to be.

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Do It Yourself Discharge debs by BOND Credit card Elimination Bankruptcy is a Bad Idea.
This Program Is For Secured And Unsecured Debt Plus Identity Redemption.
Programs 1 & 2 Come Together as one program.
Read this page for an overview of what a Sovereign is and can do in commerce.
This program by itself may be all that you will need to eliminate debts and improve your credit scores. Use this program for those of you that just want to quickly improve your credit scores.
Links to all the different education pages found both on this site and other external sites
Products we offer.
Read all about it.
How to discharge your debts with a bond.
Once Upon A Time There Was No Money. What do you think you know about MONEY???
Well It's Not the United States Government.

We offer a book on money and the effects it has on all of us as a whole. Also linked below.
(Once Upon A Time There Was No Money)

The Bookstore has two books: One dealing with Money and the other about Freedom & Sovereignty.
Book two (Released 2013) Is 261 megs of data and forms designed to educate and supply a set of forms for becoming Sovereign and more. It is scalled down from the much larger programs listed above.
For those of us that engage in programs like this one, are taking responsibility
for themselves and are guarding the futures of their children and their children's
children. You are doing a service to all of mankind to guard the liberties of the living men and women
against the fictional world of legal corruption and encroachment and servitude to the fiction, like the machine world of the MATRIX

See Also NESARA: National Economic Security and Reform Act

This book is a must read for everybody because everyone uses money
A Book About Money
Here you will find answers about MONEY that you would not expect
A delightful story and a revealing twist about what is behind the scenes, and it gives some of what lies ahead for humanity.
Once Upon A Time There Was No Money

This book contains information that goes outside the box of the normal ways of thinking when it comes to money. This book presents new understandings from a fresh perspective. With this new understanding of how money is used to ENSLAVE everyone on the planet you will be able to use money in your own life in a much more informed way and thus you will be able to control money far better than before. This will allow you to have far more money and a personal gratification in earning money and obtaining life's comforts and financial satisfaction.

Money is the tool that has enslaved humankind in far greater measure than any era of history. The reason for this for one is because in today's world there are more people than ever before, and for two, money is used in every conceivable aspect of life everywhere on the planet. Money is used in what is considered legal ways today that man in times past was not so able to dream up. There are big business dealings in every area of life that are so underhanded you will not believe them when you learn what they are. The slavery ramifications of this range through all aspects of life from your job to governments to your family quarrels to your local banker and far beyond. You know your friendly smiling banker who welcomes you with open arms and a great big smile as long as he knows you can and will pay the bank, while all the time he well knows he is really stealing from you in a blind manner on your part.

Money pits man against man where if not for money man would not have quarreled at all and harmony would have been the norm.

In support of the facts listed in this book watch this video of an interview of Joe Banister who is a former IRS agent http://www.infowars.com/video/interviews/banister_wmbb.htm

For those of us that engage in programs like this one are taking responsibility
for themselves and are guarding the futures of our children and their children's
children. You are doing a service to all of mankind to guard the liberties of the living men and women
against the fictional world of legal corruption and encroachment and servitude to the fiction, much like the machine world of the MATRIX

Thought Creates Your Reality Even When It Comes To Money
Read What Has Been Told To Us By A Source Grander And Wiser
Than Mans Own Limited Understandings HERE

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All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.

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