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The answer to this question is not a simple one. Please read through this page and follow it's many links that will provide you with many answers and interesting information. Then go ahead and join the others that are eliminating their debts through this service. When you are ready go to our product and services link above and choose the program that you need and then contact us to get signed up.

Get comfortable as this will take some time to go through. There is much here about the facts and reasons on how this can be done. I will try to explain this in brief here, but a detailed explanation would require you to read "Modern Money Mechanics", "Bank Manifesto" and listen to "The Creature From Jeckyll Island". It has been found that many people just do not believe that something like this could be possible. They do not think that the system could be that dishonest, after all they and millions of others think they could not be wrong for paying mortgages, credit card and car payments to the banks that supposedly gave them some money to buy the things they now have. That seems fair enough now doesn't it.

The real truth is that you are the only one that can fund any of those loans you think the banks made to you. This is done through not fully disclosing all the facts that are involved in monetizing your signature on a loan agreement. Again "Modern Money Mechanics" and "The Creature From Jekyll Island" will explain the details on how this came about in the first place. You should also read the "Bank Manifesto" that was written by bankers regarding their plan to deceive us of all. Another good article is the Honorable Ron Paul of Texas From here you should read "To help You Understand all about Unsecured Debt". There are many court cases that have ruled that the banks cannot do this, an example of one case on the matter is found here at  "First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly". Now this brings up a very good question on why is this allowed if it is so illegal, why doesn't the government just close all the banks and stop this kind of activity?
To answer to that is also not an easy one-word or phrase statement. Remember that this country thrives on MONEY.
This money is used by all, including the judges and politicians and is desired above all else to make for a good and abundant life. Back in the 1930's The banks finagled the laws by way of trickery and use of the power of money to get things the way they are today. This was done during one Christmas eve when few politicians were in Washington DC. Go HERE for the details. So if the system of government were to shut down what has become such a big business in today's society they would in a sense be shooting themselves in the foot. The system would rather collect fines (MONEY) on violators because they get rich doing so, rather than cutting off their supply of this money by shutting down an illegal activity. Greed is a large factor in this perpetuating scenario. The banks keep doing this because if they have to pay a fine it would be a small price to pay for making so much return on the money demanded from you, not to mention all the manipulation, power and control they have over everything including government. In essence they own everything and everyone. Once you read through the information contained on this site you will understand better that what you thought yesterday will not be what you will believe tomorrow.

So back to the belief that you are ripping off or cheating the banks in some way or that this is just immoral, after reading the facts presented here and on the links above it now becomes quite clear that just the opposite is the case. To go a little further here I wish to explain what happened to you when you were born. After the early 1930's all hospitals were paid to make sure a birth certificate was issued by the hospital to every baby born in this country. Prior to this a certificate was not issued or required. This certificate was then sent within 7 days to the state, which in turn sent it on to the federal government another 7 days later. This certificate is the equivalent of the parents turning over title of their new born child (created by God and bestowed upon the parents as a gift from God) over to the government. This child now becomes property of the federal and state governments and no longer belongs to the parents. The parents are now only the care takers. This would explain in part how the government can take your children away at any time if they wish to. It is because you unwittingly gave them title to the child at birth. A social Security number is also a similar means of them taking title to the sovereign living human.

This is all rather like a new car that is sold at a dealers showroom, the only difference here is the car was created with a certificate of origin, which is written proof that the car was created. Humans have no certificate of origin and need no such papers. Since there is a certificate on this new car it should by all means go to the new buyer of the car. However the government steps in and without a full disclosure of what is about to take place, demands that the dealer turn over the certificate of origin to the state and they then issue a certificate of title making the ownership of that vehicle a 2 way contract deal between the new owner and the government. You posses the car but they can tell you what to do with it and charge you usage of it and require you to put a license plate on it and require it to be insured etc, etc. All because you accepted their contract of a title on that car. There is no law that says you must do this. A certificate of birth is the same way, government steps in and uses greed by paying the hospital a handsome fee to create this certificate. This is the beginning of the 3 way contracts between you the child and the government. You now have this contract that was borne out of deceit and non-disclosure. To the government you are considered to be dead, so now they must step in and tell you what to do in every step of your life.
This is done without full disclosure to you and since they now own you as well, they can get away with making you pay them money via taxes through your labor until you stand up and say HAY I AM NOT PROPERTY. I am a living breathing human created by GOD I was not created by the government and you do not own me. But they have so many laws now that it is almost impossible to find any information about the truth of their deception against you. The government uses you as collateral against the national deficit. By the way they created that deficit not you. Your labor pays the interest on this debt by means of income taxes on your labor. The principal is never paid down and that is the way they (the banking cartel) want it to stay. This is all servitude to the system of banking by means of fraud. Even the government is under the control of the banking system since the banks control all the money the government uses to run the country. There is far to much to this to go into that for debt elimination purposes. More of a legal description on debts is found HERE

All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.