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We all think in what we call earthly terms and that news only comes from our human activities for the most part. We tend to think there is nothing more than what we can see here and touch in our universe. However things are not always what they seem, and it is a good thing too because something created us, the universe, the earth and then put us here on earth. So there must be something more than we can see, don't you agree? the rest of this page is unaltered from its original message and presented here for your information to accept or let pass as you choose. You will note below the use of the law NESARA that is on the books now signed into law by president Clinton. More on NESARA HERE   
If you are interested we have UFO Video files as well.
The domino's are about to fall.

With all the criminal activity that is going on in the federal government and the lesser states and their courts. Light is shining into the cracks and the 911 incident the truth of light is now coming out. This truth is a matter of the energies that are surrounding earth at this time in our evolution. There are many beings watching us and guarding us against further terrorist actions against us from our own government. They have stopped many things from happening like chemical warfare, other major bombings and one nuclear action all instigated and financed by the United States Government. YES that is right all of this is being done by the United States against its own people.

The first thing to start the ball rolling is the indictment of President Bush. After that the judicial system, the congress and all the other crony agencies will fall just as they caused to the twin towers of 911. Domino number one is BUSH.

The help that will come to earth after that is the Galactic Federation of thousands of civilizations that are watching us from a distance in their cloaked ships just outside our view of the human eye. There help will bring a major change to earths evolution and technology advancements that will seem to be an overnight improvement to earth and here people. People will live free again under the original constitution of the united states. There will be no more government control of the people as we have now. See also the Year of the Dog HERE This is the Chinese astrology of what we can expect to change in the year 2006.

Read the E.T. experience of the author of this website HERE

This is a spiritual channel from St. Germain that was given on 11.02.05.

In many ways you are seeing evidence of the changes that are now manifesting upon Earth. Your efforts to bring Light to Earth have been wondrously successful, and as it gathers momentum you are bringing much needed stability in many ways. Without your loyalty and service in the Light you would not have come this far, and great credit is due to you for your part in the changes.

The most telling move has taken many years to achieve, and that is the placing of Light Grid around your Earth. You will know that all changes are first envisioned in thought, and where it is the bringing in of Light we are active on our side of the veil. Where you have excelled is in bringing it close to Earth by attracting the energies to you. This has effectively placed a cordon around the dark and from that point their energies have started to diminish. You must now be careful not to feed them the energy of fear which stokes up their resolve to continue their dark deeds.

We see only success, and that is one way to ensure it is so. This is coming back to the power of thought and your ability to mould the future for yourself.  See beyond the outer workings and know that you are in control, and you have us with you for your added strength. We are a team, and although we can call on powerful forces that could change everything in the twinkling of an eye, that is not how it works. It has been your decision as to how these end times progressed, and your decision that has determined exactly what path would be taken. There is a plan and joyfully you have kept your self on course for Ascension, but bear in mind that at various stages you could have chosen differently.

Often we tell you that victory is already yours, and that is because you have moved beyond the stages that may have brought about doubt. The thoughts that you have focused upon the actions that have led to the first indictment, are a sign of your maturity and understanding. All of the way to this point in the proceedings, you have helped produce the energy that has brought it into manifestation. Most certainly we have also added our energies, and have also had a hand in ensuring success. It is very intricate situation as we have informed you previously. We proceed within permissible levels that will not go beyond the help requested by you, as that may be seen as unwarranted interference. It does not matter whether we can weigh up the wrongs and rights of what is happening, it is a pathway that you have created through your collective consciousness which we must honor.

I have to make the situation clear, as I know many people ask why the ET’s cannot simply come now and finish the actions to be rid of the last cabal. That would be considered as interference, and we would never use a heavy hand in that way. True, that there could potentially come a time when we would be expected to respond like that in accordance with Divine Decree. That however is now a most unlikely scenario, as you have now started the changes that will lead to fulfillment of your demands. We see all proceeding very orderly and lawfully where removal of your Administration is concerned.

You should keep your spirits high, and as you are now finding the news is uplifting and there is much action yet to take place. At last the media are being forced to address what is happening, and although reluctant to over re-act they know they are handling sensational news. Unless they wake up they will find more and more people turning to the Internet for their updates and the real news.

Keep your focus on the wider issues and know that so much is held waiting in the wings. All of the promises that have been given regarding First Contact and NESARA are not made of dreams, and are soon to manifest fully upon your Earth. Many years of planning have been carried out and all of the benefits are in preparation for delivery to you. Now go and carry out your daily tasks with a new air of confidence, let others see your detachment from matters that pull others down. Share your happiness and expectations with others, as it is a truly wonderful time that is opening up for you all.

Treat everyone as your Brothers and Sisters which they are, become one with All and see only the positive in them. Ignore the negative actions and outpourings of others and send them on their way with Love. As I often remind you, stay calm and centered within yourself and no one will move you from that point of stillness.

I am St. Germain and so pleased to able to come again at such an important time. All of your hard work has borne fruit and you are to be congratulated as you have now turned the tide. You can now go forward with great expectations of a marvelous future that you now know will manifest. Mother Earth will rumble on out of necessity, but even where she is concerned there is benefit from what has been achieved. The changes to the Earth can now be moderated but these must go forward if it is to be restored. Great Love continues to accompany you on your journey of a life-time, and soon even we shall be openly with you once again.

Thank you St.Germain.

St. Germain  11.05.05.

Matters are forging ahead, and many people are finding the courage to come out with knowledge that has been kept secret for a long time. This has the effect of bringing the truth out and into the public domain. People talk and information quickly passes around, and the result is that others take up the cause and it gathers pace. Whatever area of life you look at, people are dissatisfied and are demanding that changes are made. There is a new awareness as to what you should rightly expect from those who are in charge and it is creating energy for change.

Needless to say, the majority of people have not heard of the benefits of NESARA or the details of First Contact, but they subconsciously pick up on the ideas. This adds strength to the whole campaign to bring these into manifestation. For those who are at the forefront of getting information about these two events into the public eye, it is difficult because your media is still reluctant to give much space to the ideas. In fact there is an orchestrated plan to prevent the public from learning too much, and misinformation is used along with skeptics who play down or deny the facts.

These times are about to be overtaken by a great movement pressing for the truth. Boldness will replace hesitancy and you will see more open discussion in the mainstream media. Once it becomes widespread it will be impossible to return to the previous censorship or gagging that often has little to do with national security. The big corporations that want to keep the status quo will try all manner of tricks to divert you from your path. However, the time has arrived for the truth of many matters to come into the open.

The more it is apparent that your present administration is collapsing, it will be seen as an opportune moment to make matters public. This will have a snowball effect, and from then on there will be no stopping the truth from coming out. Where ever you look there are stories to be told, and this outing will enable the negative energies associated with them to be released. This is all part of the cleansing of Earth, that must take place and be completed before the end of the cycle. The different hot spots of negative energy pull people down and it is quite easy to see that within your present era.

Could you explain why Sicily should be the home of Mafia families, or why Chicago has seen so much criminal activity. Why are people attracted to certain areas, I would say it is because the vibration attracts them. This can work with either the negative or positive energies, and you can look around your world and find many examples. For example, is Haiti the home of voodoo and magic by chance, I think not as it is almost unique in this respect. Once these hotspots have manifested, you will find that souls incarnating are drawn to them if such experiences are needed, and so that power is perpetuated.

As progress is made towards preparing people for Ascension, it is obvious that a certain percentage are totally unprepared and would have no interest in taking part. They are too immersed in the lower vibrations to raise themselves up. They would therefore move on to the new Earth that will be very similar to this present one. They cannot remain as this Earth is also rising up into the higher dimensions. Life continues in its forever moving cycles, and offers whatever experiences are required to evolve.

Evolution is the key and goal to everything that happens. For those who have desired to be part of Ascension, help has been given to enable them to proceed with that choice. Opportunities are presented for growth, and hopefully you will have seized them recognizing them for what they are. It is not by chance that your path has lead you to the goal you chose when you came to Earth.

In all things you have been given choice, but of course you have no knowledge of the decisions made prior to coming to Earth. Your life plan is meticulously planned to give the experiences that will enable you to evolve. You may not choose to believe that you would undertake some of the experiences you have gone through, but I assure you it is so. At heart you have a strong urge to return to source and in your awareness of it, you are always ready to accept advice as to how your life plan is best handled. It links in with karma and therefore ties you to certain people that may well form part of your family.

If you think about your life so far, many of you will see how “chance” led you to certain experiences that changed your life. Sometimes you seem to unwittingly even make the wrong decisions, but these are intended to ensure you face your karmic choices. If you fail to accept your karma by exercising your freewill, it will be presented again until it is cleared. So if you are in a situation that can be seen as such, it would be in your interest to see it through and do the best you can for all concerned. So many of you are racing through your karmic debts as you know this is the last opportunity you will have to clear them.

Experience will continue as it ever does, but there are the Laws of Grace and some Karma will be cleared if it is deemed that it is no longer necessary. Once you ascend you will have already cleared off any remaining Karma. The Laws of the Universe will still apply in the higher realms, but having advanced so far you are less likely to break them because of your enlightened understanding.

Each one of you is exactly where you were meant to be in this end-time. Now take a fresh look at what you face, and try to see where it comes into your life and the message it has for you. Also remember that regardless of what you experience, there is no punishment involved, it is simply karma decided upon by you and your guides prior to incarnation. There is a loving Creator behind All That Is, and the plan for this Universe and all life forms within it. It is for ever increasing evolution into the higher realms which beyond your present dimension are of great beauty, joy and happiness.

I am St. Germain and trust I have helped some of you who see only the inequalities of life. Never again will you have need to return to the cycle of duality. Rejoice and know your sojourn is almost completed. Go forward and carry the love that is within you to everyone you meet, you are all fellow travelers on the same path. Go forward knowing that many great Beings also accompany you, and that you are also enfolded in their love.

Thank you St. Germain

Diane  11.03.05.

The Bush Administration has been hit by the Light of Truth, and the whole truth is not necessary to have them removed. As you are already seeing, just the one indictment has so far caused a break up to start. Once the facts come into the public domain then other people feel more confident about discussing it openly, and so the information travels around much more quickly. Conspiracy theories are often on the correct track, but with the indictments supported by firm evidence they cannot be dismissed out of hand.

It is clear that as each sealed indicted is opened the clamor to remove the Bush Administration will increase, and the depth of corruption will be laid bare. Soon, only the diehards will openly support Bush as it is clear that he has failed miserably to fulfill his duties as your President. Justice will prevail, and now the momentum has started there will be no act of Man that will prevent it from following its course.

Now start looking ahead beyond the present happenings. See that with the New Year some positive moves will have taken place that will clearly signal that major changes are under way. The greatest single change will be the cessation of war and the declaration of peace. Imagine how you will feel knowing that after a history filled with death and destruction, suddenly a halt is called to all activity connected with war. Not many tears will fall for the Arms Industry, and those who ruled with military might to suppress people. Freedom from war is something you have not known in your lifetimes. At any given time there has been some conflict happening in some part of your world.

Freedom from aggression in any form is your right, and it will release many from oppressive regimes that impose themselves upon others often without elections. Freedom has no place for fear, and when it is announced a wonderful celebration will spontaneously break out. Talk costs nothing, but the Galactic Forces have the means to monitor Earth and any trouble arising will be stopped in its tracks.

With peace comes love and caring, and there is much to be put right. Once people all over the world see that there is a fair distribution of wealth and that their needs are provided for, the discontent and lack will disappear. So many of your problems have arisen because of greed and the unfair acquisition of wealth. Education has been meted out in such a way that the poorer nations have remained backward, and often there has been no outside help to alter the situation. The present large difference between rich and poor will be adjusted, and soon there shall be a society that offers the same opportunities to all of its citizens.

Only the most selfish would deny others the chance to raise their standards of living. A new outlook will replace the old one which encouraged that selfishness. All will be given the opportunity to understand their connection to each other, their infinite life and origins that forever link them to the Creator. There is much to be done to enable people to accept the truth, because for so long they have been fed on half truths and even deliberate lies. The means to achieve this will come with the return of the Master’s, and their love for Humanity and wisdom will be apparent in their every word. Communication to all parts of the world will be established in such a way that everyone shall hear their words in their own language.

Envisage such exciting times manifesting upon Earth, and start to enjoy that feeling of Oneness. Humans normally have an innate capacity to love one another, and this will be apparent once the restraints have been removed that have dampened people’s natural feelings for their fellow man. You are love incarnate and it is the highest expression of yourself, your Godself. True love requires nothing in return, and is given freely and this is the key to changing the relationship one to another.

Your recent tsunami and other major catastrophes have brought out the best in many people. Generally there has been much concern for those affected, but unfortunately it is not always matched by the generosity of your Governments. People matter, and people care about each other and much compassion has arisen on Earth in the last year or so. When this is allowed full expression there will no longer be the on-going desperation and cries for help that you now hear. With our coming and your great love and intent some of our first actions will be to relieve the needs in many areas throughout the world.

On Earth you sometimes lack the wherewithal to handle major catastrophes, but there is really no excuse that millions face starvation and death through lack of medicine or facilities. This will however change, and you will soon be led by those who really care about the Human Race. You are all in this together, and have been for eons of time. Rich man one life, poor the next can you not see how it is that what you do to one, you do to yourself? There is no time left for the old ways to carry on into this last period, and it is necessary to start seeing and manifesting the new now.

As you change within, so it will become noticeable without and you are all becoming more balanced with the male/feminine energies. The male influence has dominated your lives for so long, but that has already changed and will continue to do so. Universal Love is within each and every one of you, and do not be afraid to allow it a free rein, it is quite natural. Love is the building block for All That Is, it is the cement that holds All together.

I am Diane and I am named as of the feminine side, but I carry both energies which meet more in the middle as you might say, and not exaggerated as you are upon Earth. Please know that you are progressing so well in opening yourselves up to the new energies, and we see them blossoming in the most beautiful way. You need have no doubts as to your readiness to take a quantum leap forward. We eagerly look forward to working with you, and that time swiftly approaches. Always I bring Love and Blessings with me from the Galactic Federation for you all.

Thank you Diane.

St. Germain  11.12.05.
Another day, and another opportunity to see the world through rose colored glasses, and why not. Do we not encourage you to see all that is positive, and focus on all that is uplifting to your consciousness.  The day of 11.11 was another pivotal point in your growth that brought so many people together in thought and dedication to the Light. Yet as you bring more Light to the planet, it seems that the dark also grows as you see evidence of unrest in so many countries. Be not dismayed, as it is paradoxically a good sign that the Light is doing its work in revealing and transmuting the dark.

As you aware, the cleansing of Earth is gaining momentum and the resultant turmoil is unavoidable. This is where Lightworkers are invaluable in keeping the energies focused where they are needed. You can, and do lessen the impact particularly where those dear souls are caught up in the centers of activity. The aid they require will eventually catch up with them, but in the meantime your loving and compassionate thoughts and prayers help lift their spirits. It is the thought of having been abandoned and left to their demise that saps their will and strength to survive.

As a collective consciousness you have the power to effect remarkable changes. Look at what is happening right now in your great Country; as you see the first signs of people taking back their power. Some may argue that you have always had it, but overlook how you have been fooled and manipulated for eons of time. Your power and your freedom have been eroded slowly but surely for at least a hundred years, and even more. It has been taken from you in the guise of doing what is best for you, when often it is the opposed to your interests. Your trust has been betrayed many times, and it this has led to outright arrogance on the part of those who make the decisions on your behalf.

You have a saying that pride comes before a fall, but your present leaders are finding that arrogance comes before a fall. The people cannot be denied their freedom for too long without fighting back. It is amazing how just a few speeches against such tyranny spark many more into action, and the movement grows faster and stronger until eventually they take back their sovereignty. This is where you are now, and soon you shall see the cracks appearing more frequently until the last cabal is finally removed. They may try to shore up their crumbling edifice of power, but it is already too late.

The overview of what is happening shows that pressures are coming to bear from all quarters, against those who are identified as the forces who are orchestrating you imprisonment. Even those who have been sucked into the corruption for the quick buck are seeing that they have no real future. The trail of deceit and corruption will eventually track down all those who are involved, and there will be no hiding place. For the moment, the removal is required of all those who wield the true power, and their ivory towers are no longer the refuge or protection they thought. No one is beyond reproach, and although minor indiscretions will be overlooked, at some time they will have to answer for their actions to themselves.

The legal approach to clearing the way so that the perpetrators of many heinous crimes can be apprehended is fulfilling its promise. There will be no going back on this movement to bring justice into play. Those working for the Light play the game and are not underhanded, and this must be so as they have to be seen to operate in honesty and truth. The laws are not always adequate, and many have been changed to favor those who would usurp them to hide and protect their activities.

You have brought events to head after much dedication to restore freedom granted to you by your Constitution. You are reclaiming your God given rights, and no one shall deny you their return. At last you can look forward to the restoration of all of the benefits that have been taken from you. The words such as fairness and equality will have some meaning again, and there is an assured redistribution of wealth to take place. Poverty can be eradicated quite quickly, and also sickness and the man made AID’s and other viruses will be eradicated for good.

Continue to envision the ideal conditions for Earth, see all made new as it will eventually be, as there is much power in the energy of your combined thoughts. Your desires must be answered, and that is Universal Law and it cannot be denied. We put ideas to you and if you use your power of attraction they are brought down through the dimensions, until the blueprint manifests in your reality. As with each individual, so with the consciousness of Humanity as all of the time you are creating for the future. It may take time because you are in the lower vibrations, but it will manifest for certainty in due course.

I am St. Germain and remind you of how you have reached this point in time. Your continued focus is still required on the future that you envisage, and your thoughts and prayers that go out to those fellow souls who are in the midst of the changes. The Plan goes ahead by Divine Decree, but the manner in which it takes place is very much down to you and your dedication to bring Light to Earth. By these actions you can lessen the impact of the changes, so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Every step you take we accompany you along the way, and our energies meet with yours as we make a formidable force together. Always we surround you with our Love and protection, and are pleased that you should allow us to guide you on your way.

Thank you St. Germain.

St. Germain  12.23.05

What a beautiful time beckons as the energy of love builds up, and its light shines out touching many others with its power to transmute the dark. Is it not a fact that where love exists it has the effect of lifting others up with it? Like attracts like and so the energy of love grows, and peace descends upon Earth. What if you could anchor it and keep that higher level of love with you and carry that vibration into the New Year.

As the unending energies are channeled to Earth so everyone has the opportunity to partake of them. For some years they have been gradually increased as your potential to absorb them has grown. These are directly intended to move you onto the Ascension path, and it is not until you look back that you realize how subtle the changes have been. Humanity continues to lift up its consciousness and as it does so it separates from the dark energies, as they can no longer exist within its transmuting power.

The Light of Love tugs at the heart strings of the dark, as they too still have that light no matter how dim it has become. You will see more people wavering and even changing in their allegiance. There are levels even within the dark and not all wish to fall into the lowest pit. There is always hope that some brave souls will reflect upon their actions, and see that they have been in error. There is always a way out, and as soon as that decision is made many lighted Beings hasten to their aid. No one wishes to see a soul permanently entrenched in the dark energies. It may be a hard path back to the Light, but every help will always be given. Let no one condemn these souls, least they should find they have trodden the same path.

It will not be long before many truths about the activities of the dark will come out into the open. Then we shall see much disgust and anger amongst people who have had little idea as to how they have been fooled. They will call for the heads of those responsible, but you must honor your own sense of fairness and justice. To act like the dark simply pulls you down to their level, and we have emphasized the great need for compassion. In the ultimate those who have erred will fully make up for all of their acts against Humanity, but God will be the judge and arbiter.

You must sense now that matters on Earth are reaching a climax, as the unthinkable is happening. You are seeing obvious signs that the dark are losing their cohesion and ability to control events. It will get more chaotic before the final collapse, and you shall see quick actions take place to have them removed. It is then that Heavenly forces will intercede as there must be an interim Government to prepare the way for the announcement and details of First Contact. Then you shall see this once grand nation of America lift up its head again and fulfill its true role in the world. You will become a father figure to all others, but your actions will be tempered by the feminine energy that shall return and allow all to be carried out with the Father’s Love.

Remember that everyone will be exactly where they should be for these end-times. Each of you Lightworkers has a role to play and when you are called you will know. There is already a feeling of greater co-operation than ever before, and this is vital at a time when the suffering in the world has actually increased. Many of you long to serve your fellow man, and wait for the opportunity to give of yourself. Dear Ones, we know your desires of this nature and we ask that you be alert as your chance will come. Go where you feel intuitively you should be and all will be well.

There is a great opening about to occur that will result in much of that which will fulfill your expectations. As the Winter gives way to the first signs of Spring, so shall your time in the dark give way to the Light, and the Sun shall fill your lives with the energies of Love. Your longest day will pass by in more ways than one, and then shall every successive day bring more Light. Bless the dark for having shown you the Light, it has served you well. Just as you feel the cold of Winter, so shall you welcome the warmth of the Summer with all its splendor, as Nature sheds its mantle and reveals its panorama of beauty and color. The Winter of the dark is almost behind you, and your path is lighting up all the way to the Great Shift.

You will read many prophecies for the coming period, and they will be basically the same as all will see the changes coming in one form or another. Simply know that it is the final outcome that is important, and you may be sure that events shall take the course in the manner you have been told about. Great changes will be followed by even greater ones, and so it shall continue for many years to come.

I am St. Germain, and I return to this messenger a week today when you will all be looking ahead at a New Year so full of promise.

I wish you all a most wonderful happiness and joyful celebrations. Let the family of Man acknowledge the Oneness of all life, and be gracious and giving of his love. Know that for every loving thought you have, the Heavens rejoice and even more Love is sent to you. Make this end of year celebration one that is both spiritual and uplifting, in remembrance of the sacrifices that have been made by you all over eons of time. You have all contributed to the evolution of the Human Consciousness, and you have well earnt the opportunity to ascend.

Thank you St. Germain.

Links for a great deal more about First Contact.

This next message is very current, however you will note that the date for First Contact has not happened. This is because it is a fluid date and at this time has not happened. Stay tuned as it is expected to come about at any time depending on world events and Government actions that may prompt the Galactic Federation to step in and take charge of the US Government.

The ARMADA: 2006 Version
Update Jan 18th 2006
    We have an urgent message. This message pertains to the benevolent arrival of many fleets of spacecraft from far and wide, from many galaxies and planets - including Pleiades, Sirius, Venus and Mars - appearing as bright lights in your skies, which will not be stars, and moving with great speed. They will cover much of Canada and U.S. and will have an impact on your world almost immediately. The signal for their arrival will be the extinguishing of lights across half of America at a time. This will be a sign that the spacecraft will be arriving WITHIN THE HOUR.

    The timing of the event has yet to be determined but in all likelihood will be within the next two weeks (from 5th January). It is important that all know WE COME IN PEACE. This was one of several variations planned some years ago, the selection depending on conditions at the moment.

    The timing is indicative of the many changes in your government soon to take place. This is the time we have all waited for and it is now the time to celebrate.

    This is one of an increasingly obvious series of nudges to the cabal (New World Order) and to people waking up and doing what they can. We cannot wait much longer, or our work and humanity's will be much greater. Thus the display, to move awareness along.

    The reactions among various groups of people were carefully considered, as well as those of the people of Earth as a whole. We think the people are ready, but there could well be consternation among the uninformed. Also, as already mentioned, the need is great.

    We therefore advise that you all prepare mentally for this event by being at peace for the days upcoming and to remain in a tranquil environment. Stay centered and allow the reality of this magnificent event to penetrate each cell of your body individually. Visualize the actual event over and over in your minds eye so when it occurs it will be a familiar sight. This will prepare your energy body for the shock and the enormity of it all. We wish for all to feel at peace for this wonderful event, this is of utmost importance to us.

    It is imperative for all to understand that soon your reality will change forever, and for the better. This cannot be underestimated. Note that these shuttles not only come in peace but also bring new energy to the planet. This event will precipitate a 'new world order' - but not in the dictatorial, servile fashion that the international banksters had intended. Sovereignty will be the theme.

    This will be an unavoidable statement that we are here and that we truly do mean business: a final opportunity for those of the Dark to see the Light. If those in power do not heed our call then we will be forced to move forward with our plans. It will be a confirmation that stories and inferences many have been telling and making are all true and verifiable. There will be a massive blackout or dimming of the lights** over much of Canada and the US that will signal our arrival - or at least make it finally visible. This will be a preliminary to the First Contact planned in Salt Lake City. We want the public to be "favorably disposed" to our actual landing.

    This event is part of the detailed scenario we drew up on 1st December in Africa. This was a meeting of minds, so to speak, and we determined how best we could proceed to end this over-extended standing down. First the ships will come; then shuttles will land in Salt Lake City (Utah) and Vancouver (Canada); and then in a few other places later on.

    The massive help and collaboration that will tackle the problems that are present on Earth will then begin. The time is short for this and we must work quickly and efficiently to prevent Mother Earth - Gaia - from taking things completely into her hands. The Cosmos is moving on and a new dispensation is awaiting us all.

    There will be fly-overs throughout the world at some point in the near future, however, this particular event will take place in America and Canada only. This is necessary to move the American government along for the changes that will institute world wide revolution.


March 18 2006
From Mathew
Excerpt: the remainder of this message can be found HERE

Now then, with eyes globally focused on US President Bush’s next move and his low approval ratings in polls, even mainstream media, although still heavily controlled by the Illuminati, has been reporting that his policies are under increasing attack from all corners of the Earth.  But Bush never has been the driving force of his administration—the real decision-makers are his father and vice president Cheney, who are key Illuminati members.  They control the principals in both parties—partisan politics is an illusion, part of the dark agenda to keep divisiveness of the citizenry alive and well—some of whom accede willingly in their lust for power and others who follow through bribery or threats.  It isn’t yet public knowledge that legal wheels are churning steadily to topple the most corrupt and depraved in this government, but following the dots of what has been reported to date shows that movement in this direction is making headway and more is soon to be disclosed.   

We wish we could tell you exactly when the movement to dislodge all of the major offenders will reach fruition, but we don’t know—we can only say that at this moment, it appears to be a matter of months, not weeks or years.  In their desperation these betrayers of public trust are seeking delaying tactics via legal means to hold onto their positions, and in their delusion they think they will succeed.  They won’t.  The legal housecleaning will result in the judicial system working as it should, with justice in its purest sense, not as it has been perverted to serve the darkness, and for two vital reasons it is important to honor the legal process.  First, impeccably observing those channels preserves the country’s constitutional foundation.  Second, the people need to adjust psychologically to the inevitable fall of their government; for this to come in one fell swoop would invite panic and chaos, and that energy would permeate your world.  This is not meant to happen and it will not.  In our love for you, we commiserate with your impatience to see the end of this reign, and as our own soul-selves, we are eager for Earth’s complete freedom from eons of dark domination.   

I repeat what I have said in many messages: The United States’ emergence from its corrupt governing system that started not long after its war of independence is the pivotal step to ridding the rest of the world of tyrannical regimes.  The US government appears to be the reckless and arrogant aggressor, but that is because it is the keystone in the power base of the Illuminati’s global operations, and this base has been shattered by the in-pouring of light.  You could say that only the “mopping up” is left—even though individuals will hold onto their positions for a while longer and continue their mayhem, their influence is fast going the way of their power base.  Between the infighting that weakened both of the Illuminati factions and the continuing defection of members from both, their plan for world domination has failed. When the US administration falls, the domino effect that will reverberate around the globe won’t be accomplished only by political means, but more so by the intensified light energy that is a combination of your own and the broadening beams of our space family reaching a crescendo.  The off-planet dark forces that have been influencing their Illuminati puppets know they are defeated and are leaving planet Earth to the victor—the light.   

St. Germain  28-March-06

After a few years of receiving intense channeling from many different sources, you now have a good understanding of what is in store for the end times. Much is repetitive and presented in various formats so as to give every opportunity to absorb the facts. Of course, there is also a matter of keeping abreast with changes that occur, such as for example the timing of NESARA. I would like to say that many of you took this to heart and helped make it known.

NESARA is the keystone to the imminent changes, restoring those rights established by the Constitution, rights which are intended to be the basis of a new paradigm for all people. Genuine attempts were made to set up the conditions for the announcement to go ahead, and many times that was almost achieved. Some of you do not understand why we did not force it through, but hopefully you now realize that it is not our way of working. We had to allow the dark to oppose it, as we do with all situations that involve these confrontations of the light and Dark. Even in what you may perceive as failure, there are lessons that are being learnt, and the dark are brought into the open for all to see.

As we often point out, the final period of this cycle is allowing the manifestation of the energies that you have planted upon Earth for eons of time. Both the dark and Light have tried to command the center stage, and they have progressed to the final act. Because of the great growth of Light, the dark have found it increasingly difficult to maintain their original agenda. Behind the scenes they are desperately trying to hold onto their power which is slipping away. They know the game is up, and their hidden activities and covert operations are now coming to light. The Light by its very nature cannot be extinguished, and even if its progress has hardly been noticeable it has nevertheless continued to grow.

The reason we persist with our messages, it is to re-awaken you to your real selves and the truth. Each act of the dark is one that must bring either acceptance or rejection from you. In the past you have allowed people to guide you who have taken you away from your true path. In your lack of understanding you have also been led into the abyss. It was intended to keep you there, and you have been misguided with many platitudes and falsehoods to keep you in the dark.

Light has also had a plan that was in place at the beginning of this cycle, and it was carefully orchestrated so that you would be given every opportunity to see the Light in time to challenge the dark in the end times. You are in that time now and in spite of the influence and powerful backing through the Illuminati, they cannot achieve their goal. It does not take much imagination to understand their sheer panic at the thought of losing their power and ill gotten gains. It has been their greed that has resulted in the inequalities of life, along with their deliberate actions to de-populate and control the world.

NESARA is still vital to establishing a fair society, and enables a return to one where justice and sovereignty are restored. A fair distribution of wealth will take place, and part of this will be recovered from those who have manipulated the money markets and plundered the Earth. Your need for money will not be as essential as it is now, as sharing will become the normal way of life. The basic essentials to live a healthy life and protected existence will eventually be supplied free, and no one shall be left in need of them.

In your hearts you have desired fairness in the distribution of wealth, and caring and well being for all. This has provided the impetus for what is now taking place as it has brought immense light to Earth. You see now how life is affected by the ways of the dark and their minions, who have no love in their hearts except for themselves. Oppose their ways where you can and do not let them dictate to you any more. Their time is up, and soon they will have played their last card – the game is over.

Meantime push ahead with your own agenda of Light, and know that you are helping create the new Earth. Let me remind you, that it is first the thought that is followed by action, it happens this way and that is Universal Law. Everything is at a critical point where just anything can happen, and many actions are possible. However, regardless of how it progresses from now on, do not waver from your path or intentions. The dark sink lower into the mire of their own creation, and there is no way back for them until this cycle has finished. I talk not of their success but opportunities to turn once more to the Light, and this is the prerogative of every soul.

NESARA is a name for a law that embodies a return to your Constitutional rights. The name is not important but the benefits are and these will come a soon as it is practical, and will open up the way for all of the other changes that come with First Contact. They are part of the same intention to restore everything upon Earth, and it will happen regardless of any attempt to prevent it. Far more is happening than you imagine, but for the time being we prefer that you focus on your part to bring all into being. The Heavens are alive with action dedicated to bring the changes out very soon, and then you can all breathe a sigh of relief. A new way of living that allows freedom and the removal of fear will soon become quite natural to you.

I am St. Germain, and you know by now that I lead the plan for your Earth and Humanity. I too have worked a long time to help you reach this point, and success is assured with the backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy. A wonderful time beckons, and you shall rest and recover from this marathon that is called duality. Life will become a splendid experience when you are freed from the shackles of the dark, and they no longer have any influence over you. Their place is elsewhere and they will no longer be able to interfere in your lives. Feel the energy in these words of encouragement, and carry the Light as your sword of protection, and know you can call upon the Archangels who will walk in love with you.

Thank you St. Germain.

St. Germain  18-April-06

What started out as a great energy for change in America has rippled out and the phenomenon has become world wide. As you will have noted recently, there have been many demonstrations against ruling parties in various countries.. There is a mood growing that spells disaster for those who oppose it, as an energy created must follow its natural course to manifestation. This time has been coming slowly but surely, as more and more people have awoken to the path that the dark forces have planned for Earth and Humanity, Now the people are exercising their own mighty power and it is engulfing the dark.

Unavoidable outbursts of an emotional nature will inevitably lead to some form of aggression against those in power. We would wish that it could be averted, but sometimes it happens as an outlet for pent up energy. Almost on a daily basis the changes are coming thick and fast, and we see a great exposure bringing out the truth. Now its momentum has started it cannot be stopped, and those who have hidden their dark activities behind a cloak of respectability are being revealed for their true colors.

Right now the pressure is becoming unbearable upon your Government, who are being attacked from all sides. They are in retreat and clinging to power, using whatever means they can to do so. It will be to no avail as their time is all but finished, and they are presently trying to brush off the demands of the retired Generals for the removal of Rumsfeld. These type of situations will persist and will grow in intensity the longer it goes on. Of course it goes deeper, as they know people are taking full notice of what has been said about the incompetence and covert actions of your leaders. The Government are now like a pack of cards waiting to fall, and once they start there will no stopping until all of them are removed.

Dear Ones, the Light has never been stronger, and continues to grow and it will strengthen the hand of anyone who is prepared to step forward and take action. We do not however advocate violence in any form and never will, as when you have right on your side it is unnecessary. You have progressed so far through the words of truth that have shown up the devious plans and heinous actions of the Illuminati. If you ever needed proof that these are the end times, you are now witnessing the final thrust. As one energy looses its power, another is already taking its place.

All of the dedicated work both on and off world that has been shaping the future is becoming apparent. The movement against the old ways of working and the erosion of your rights is no longer acceptable. This has indeed has been the challenge, to see whether you would oppose the actions of those who have gradually been making a prison for you out of Earth. Fortunately the changes in your way of thinking have allowed you to understand how the dark operate. You have realized that it is only you that can take back your sovereignty, but once you act we can follow with our help. What you have achieved so far has ensured that the plans for the end time will work out, and the Light will acclaim its victory. You may not view it as a war, but it has been one monumental battle for the control of your souls and therefore your destiny.

Looking at the larger picture you may be assured that nothing will now stop the changes from fully manifesting. You have some very interesting and exciting months ahead, but for the moment must concentrate on the task in hand to remove your Government. It is taking some brave souls to stand up to the dark, and at some risk to themselves. However, it is at such times

that your heroes come forward and take a lead that others can follow. Know for certain that wonderful souls of Light have incarnated into this period of time specifically to take part in these events. They need all of your support, and you know by now that they certainly have ours.

Meantime the prospect of First Contact advances ever nearer, and if any were previously in doubt about its purpose it should by now have become apparent how essential its benefits are to everyone. You need as you would term it ”a quick fix” and there is so much to attend to that is a matter of urgency. Mother Earth patiently waits for help, and has held back her own ways of creating the necessary changes to Earth. It would certainly be best that they are co-ordinated through The Galactic Federation teams, and you too can be party to them, and together we can ensure the least inconvenience. The plans are already waiting to be implemented and will rapidly restore Earth to its former beauty. Once in our control, the degree of personal loss and damage from the changes will be minimal. We shall all play our part in a wonderful show of co-operation with you, and how with the right leadership that Humanity can work together. The Will is already there, and soon there will also be the opportunity.

As Easter slips away so I can tell you that your prayers and thoughts calling for peace reached a new zenith, and know that they are being answered. Peace is all but here, and one of the first actions of The Galactic Federation will be to put an immediate stop to all wars. They can still the weapons of war and they will therefore collapse, as they will no longer be able to continue.

I am St. Germain and I must congratulate the Lightworkers for bringing more pressure to bear upon the dark. They are creating a path that others follow and have earnt their trust through integrity and loyalty to the Light. Many now accept that major changes are necessary, and even if they cannot see the whole picture they have sufficient knowledge to grasp what important times these are for everyone. I tell you that through the whole of this last cycle this immediate period will be the peak of your experiences, and it will uplift you as it is the final piece that lifts your vibration onto the higher levels. From there it is only one way forward, ever more reaching into the Light and leaving the dark behind never to return to the lower levels. Let us all take the peace and love generated through the Easter celebrations with us and not let it ebb away, but maintain its ability to uplift all around us. I thank you all for your contributions, as each one is as important as the other. Let your Love shine out forever.

Thank you St. Germain.