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Debt Elimination Facts

             A Legal Basis for Debt Elimination
This process is founded on the decisions of the United States Supreme Court, as they have ruled time and again against the legal authority for banking institutions to lend credit. Federal and state laws allow banks to lend money - not credit. Nor can they lend you their depositors money. They can't loan out nor risk any of their own assets because of Federal Reserve regulations. So they lend you credit. Credit is only created when you sign the application form for the credit. This means you created the money they are alleging they lent you, your signature and your future labor is what created the loan to yourself, they never gave you anything, you gave them a promise to repay the nothing they gave you and with interest on top of that. Where is the common sense in that? The laws state they can't lend you something they don't have, and they don't have any credit to start with, only you can create credit, and they can't charge you interest on something they didn't give you in the first place because it doesn't exist and they did not create it! It was created by your signature being monetized by the bank when they deposit your promissory note (signature) into their accounting system. When they create money this way it all adds up to a higher and higher inflation rate for all of us, which means money is becoming worth less and less all the time.

This may sound confusing but actual it's fairly simple. Debt elimination companies look to find your credit card companies in violation of both state and federal laws, rendering your agreement and debt owed as void. That is always very easy to do since the promissory note you signed was fraud from the beginning due to non disclosure of what was actually taking place when they offered you a loan and accepted your promissory note. This service is based on U.S. Supreme Court's decisions, Title 15 United State Code (USC) section 1692, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, section 1601, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), section 203, and numerous Banking and Lending laws . There are many cases that have been decided on when it comes to the issues of "money," "credit," and "banking."

The collection of interest on credit issued by a bank or a credit card company is in direct violation of all usury laws! The laws are very specific concerning the corporate authority of banks and credit institutions. THEY CANNOT LAWFULLY ISSUE CREDIT! When you tell them you discovered their fraud, THEY HAVE TO LISTEN AND RESPOND! It is your LEGAL RIGHT to have them certify that a lawful debt exists. They can NEVER DO THIS!!!         
What most credit elimination companies do is contact the lender and point this out to them, at this point your alleged debt is voided out you are set free of the servitude and you owe nothing more to them. this process can cause the lenders to file suite against you because they have a contract with you in their files. They will say in court that you signed the contract therefore it is valid. In many cases most judges will agree with them.

Now comes a different scenario.
If you pay for those debts with a bond you have fulfilled your agreement to repay the debt. They may say they cannot accept the bonds as payment, but UCC law specifically says they cannot require one specific type of payment over another. To add insult to injury Federal Reserve Notes are not real money, they are debt instruments, and UCC law says it is illegal to pay a debt with a debt. Which is exactly what you are doing when you pay with money or bank checks from your account.

By setting up your contract trust account with the Federal Reserve you are then able to pay off those debt with a BOND. Easy and simple with little or no hastle. There is no long wait for someone else to get a bank to agree to a discharge of your debts. They will not win in court if the try to sue you because you have paid the debt and because you as a Sovereign cannot be sued in the civil and statutory courts.

To better explain all this in detail read the Modern Money Mechanics

And or listen to the Creature from Jeckyll Island

Read the 1968 decision for  Montgomery vs Daly

All information presented here is for education purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice.
Read all the presented information before making any choice to eliminate your credit cards or other debts.