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Website Updates from Discharge Debt & New Energy Books

Some changes have been added to our websites for your pleasure and to help assist free information exchange. 

  1. A new discussion forum, for posting information and reading info from others regarding Sovereignty & debt discharging as well as interesting books & movies pertaining to the theme of this website, but not limited to just this topic. Be the first to post your discussion and opinions.
  2. A new Classified's site for posting your "For Sale" items both nationwide and in your local area. Be sure to read the HELP file to understand and search for listings in your area. Be the first to post a classified add.
  3. A new addition for Spiritual Readings by Chalon. The ELDERS offer guidance for those that wish to ask a higher source. Chalon accesses a group known as the ELDERS. They are an old and wise group of entities that can look into the energy field and mind of us humans. They can see blocks and issues we tend to miss because we often cannot see the forest thru the trees. They return answers to your questions that in most cases surprise the questioner with both the accuracy and power of the information returned, thus helping you in making all kinds of choices with a renewed confidence.
  • Spread the links listed below to all your friends and affiliates so others may read your posts and have access to items you may be selling or the information that may be available on any of these sites.
  1. Discussion Forum http://discharge-debt.com/NEWENERGYBOOKS/phpBB2/index.php
  2. Classified's Site http://www.discharge-debt.com/PHPClassifieds/index.php
  3. Ask The ELDERS By Chalon http://www.newenergybooks.com/chalon
  4. Links to all these new sites can be found on www.discharge-debt.com & www.newenergybooks.com


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