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Who Runs The US
The richest, most politically powerful people are the international bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.). They own, control and/or manipulate all governments, militaries, major corporations, media, universities and churches from behind the scenes through their puppets (most priests, politicians and pundits, certainly including Clinton, Bush, Blair, etc.).  They play their puppets via the three 'b's of brainwashing, bribery & blackmail.

Their agenda of absolute world domination involving genocide and/or mind control & enslavement of the masses and the rape and pillage of planet Earth is as sinister as can be and they pretty much lie to us about everything.

One of their lies is that banks loan money, when in fact they create it (albeit counterfeit) out of thin air and then have the gall to charge us principal and interest on it, mathematically a "debt" that can never be repaid, for which they never risked anything in the first place.

The United States is not a country, but a corporation in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to the Federal Reserve ( another private corporation which is no more federal than Federal Express). The IRS is merely the collection agency of the Federal Reserve. Income taxes are not only an outrageous violation of our God given rights to liberty, livelihood and property - they are not used to fund the services of "our" government at all but are merely futile payments to offset the so-called and ever increasing federal debt. Their main purpose is to keep us convinced that , that is where public funding comes from, along with providing the financial elite with quality social engineering and enslavement technologies.

If you already understand the global matrix as a grand conspiracy, the attached documents will connect a lot of the dots and provide a good overview. If not, and if inspected with an open mind, they will shift your perceived paradigm and aid in your self-empowerment.