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Air Drive Plans

Any gasoline engine can be converted to run on compressed air. The following US Patent will give you an idea
of how easy it is to convert any gasoline engine, such as your car, truck or lawn mower engine.

The Patent may seem complex but it is not. The gas tank will no longer be needed, The Carburetor, exhaust
system and cooling system will also no longer be needed. By using air hoses and homemade electric air selenoid switches ( or see, I think they sell these type of pnumatic air swithches.) You can make your own by using air guns connected to HV solenoids. When 120 vdc or 400 vdc of electricity enters the coil it will pull the metal plunger back into the coil and at the same time the metal rod plunger will be pulling down the air valve handle on the air gun or guns. If you make your own homemade Solenoid it is cheaper, I would suggest that you use # 30 copper coated wire with about 800 to 1000 turns around a plastic tube, such as PVC pipe. Your solenoid can be about 5" in length and you will need to glue a 1/2" piece of the same size diameter of your metal rod. when electricity is appllied it will turn this metal into a high power magnet and thus increasing the torque of the pull. I would suggest that you try this out first on a small lawn mower motor. The spark plug wire is already timed and gives of about 3,000 vac I think, which you can use to trigger your solinoid or a HV thryristor switch. another words you you can build an elctronic switch using a High voltage Thryristor transistor which can be made to turn on the 120 - 400 vdc power to your HV Solenoid. A Solenoid can be designed or bought to run on the High Voltage / low amperage coming from the Lawn mower spark plug wire. Once your automatic air valve is done and is working well, you will then want to buy a High Efficient Air Compressor Motor. Connect this to the shaft of your lawn mower. Then connect the air output to a 2nd input of your air tank! The motor can now
perform work as well as replinish itself with air.